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MP3 blog 2009/09/03

blog 2009/09/03 - Is the magic of yesterday lost on you now?

A new week, a new post. The MP3s keep coming and there is a taste of glory in this all.
Welcome back.

Acid Girls - The Numbers Song: We get this going on a massively strong clubfoot stomper note. Acid Girls rock it on the instrumental electro tip. No silly samples or 'lectro remix biz as crutches, this is grinding electro house goodness.

Chris Schlarb - I: aaaaand we slow things right down with this quaint textural classical/ambient piece from the 2007 album Twilight & Ghost Stories. Pieces like this sit like jazz on my brain. A smattering of somewhat disconnected-yet-interworking layers of guitar, piano, radio organ static, reverbed strings, wind chimes and field recordings sit perfectly on my weary head.

Discuss - One Thing In Its Right Place: Dope downtempo/IDM from the 2008 LP "Aeration Swells". The beat hooks you right from the get-go, the subdued background voice tries to work it's way to the forefront, and finally comes to attention but still lacks coherence.

Emmy The Great - We Almost Had A Baby: I was initially head-over-heels for this band based on the first few leaked singles. Their full length was a disappointment, I'll admit it. But when I take this song, and built a playlist with this, "Hold On" and "24", I get butterflies in my stomach and want to dance and cry at the same time. Keep your ears affixed, Emmy The Great are potentially poised for some miraculous.

Esso & Woody - Don't Stop: The MJ estate is working on high-profile massive budget reworks, but in the meantime the underground has reworked and sampled MJ a million times over, and here we are again, this time sampling some horns riffs from the disco era and laying lyrics on top.

Filastine - Blung: Always one worth checking out, the latest Filastine LP "Dirty Bomb" didn't grab me as a whole. But fret not, as this track has just the amount of innovation and swagger, ironically seemingly effecting some hypnotic swirls that are almost Muslimgauze-ish. Good stuff.

There's a certain naive bliss that is often missing from electronic music. The feelgood innocence found abstractly between the likes of Bran Van 3000, Pizzicato Five, and early 90s stabs at electro pop. That joy is honored hear on the Fol Chen album "The Longer U Wait".
A collection of remixes and reworks, it's not entirely consistent, but the joy of joys on here more than makes up for the few toss-offs. Sufjan Steven's label Asthmatic Kitty has put this out, and I think you can even download the whole thing from their web site.

Immortal Technique - The 3rd World: This is from the "The 3rd World" and I just love that super bass slam on every 4th beat. Political songs are always a contentious topic, but this avoids most of the common pitfalls that make most tracks like this embarrassingly unlistenable a year later.

Josh Ritter - To the Dogs or Whoever: Old school story time singalong folk ala Dylan and the like! If you love barefoot stomping good times, go for this. The full length is "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter".

Paper Moon - Down With Safe: I like songs where the vocalist sounds like is doing rounds with herself, but then again I think about how most people would have sex with their doppleganger. Like, how hard would it be to get totally comfortable? Anyways, I love this band out of Winnipeg, and work hard to have google associate their name associated with the search terms "sex with doppleganger".

Shystie - Step Bac: Woah, it's been a while since we posted something grimey here! Remedy: Shystie rocking over slap-happy gun-cock & snare beat. Problem solved!

Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Swimming Pools: The full length "Know Better Learn Faster" is out October 13th, so here is a sneak-peak of the heat within. Fun folk/pop/rock sweetness. I'm excited!

I can't properly express my joy that the new Antlers album "Hospice" is finally here. It is to 2009 what Okkervil River's Black Sheep Boy was to 2005: An emotional, mature, engrossing work that will dominate melancholy mixtapes for the next decade.
We originally posted up some of The Antlers here back in January, then another in August, and here are two more. The song Shiva is especially brilliant, with it's creepy mysticism of the narrator transforming in to the victim, and them departing, leaving one abandoned. I must have dreamt with that metaphor at least once before because it resonates so damn strongly.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. One of the best albums of the year. A classic.

The Big Pink - Dominos: This is the kind of music that sounds "straight ahead" these days, radio-friendly pop rock but with enough of an edge that it immediately catches your ear.

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix): Joker's back with a slamming-yet-not-overwhelming remix on the dubstep front. The pop element surface in a sampled fashion, but the beats and synths all work to great effect.

The Sumner Brothers - Pain: We will end things today with a bit of a quiet, somber note. A shaky voice can bring one to tears, and this beautiful song gives me the chills. Good night!


Acid Girls - The Numbers Song
Chris Schlarb - I
Discuss - One Thing In Its Right Place
Emmy The Great - We Almost Had A Baby
Esso & Woody - Don't Stop
Filastine - Blung
Fol Chen - Cable TV (T.H. White Mix)
Fol Chen - The Believers (Clifford Lidell Remix)
Immortal Technique - The 3rd World
Josh Ritter - To the Dogs or Whoever
Paper Moon - Down With Safe
Shystie - Step Bac
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Swimming Pools
The Antlers - Shiva
The Antlers - Wake
The Big Pink - Dominos
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix)
The Sumner Brothers - Pain

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