Thursday, January 27, 2022

MP3 blog 2022/01/27
Arca - Prada
Arca - Rakata
Attacca Quartet - Electric Pow Wow Drum (A Tribe Called Red cover)
Attacca Quartet - Remind U ft TOKiMONSTA
Black Country, New Road - Instrumental
Black Country, New Road - Opus
Crown Lands - Context Fearless Pt. I (Live @ Revolution Recording)
Crown Lands - Right Way Back
Julien Baker - Faith Healer
Julien Baker - Favor
Julien Baker - Hardline
The Chandelles - El Gato
The Royal Coachmen - Loophole
The Tandems - The Rising Surf
Zoltan Fecso - Butterfly Hands

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Orson Welles

I was going to show them they were wrong, and I have spent the rest of my life showing people, trying to prove that what is said is wrong, and that's been an enormous waste of spirit and of energy.

Orson Welles, just before his death

Saturday, January 8, 2022

MP3 blog 2022/01/08
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Still Am Tresen
Fire-Toolz - (e)y(e)s w-o a %brain%
Fire-Toolz - Umbilical Cord Blood
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Hey! Mr. Sky
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Nice One
Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet
Japanese Breakfast - Posing in Bondage
Japanese Breakfast - Tactics
Manyfingers - Elise
Manyfingers - Grace in Rain
Manyfingers - In a Dead Man's Shoes
Mdou Moctar - Chismiten
Mdou Moctar - Taliat
Mira Calix - Rightclick
The Comet Is Coming - Blood Of The Past
The Comet Is Coming - Lightyears
The Comet Is Coming - Space Carnival