Wednesday, July 20, 2016

the 2005 demos

CPI - 2005 demo 1
CPI - 2005 demo 2

I found 2 old demos on an external hard drive. As my days of relevancy as a DJ slow to a halt, I wanted to share them to give some perspective.
Go back and look at my output circa 2004. GO AND LOOK. I had started buying a few dancier records in 2003 and 2004, and 2004 saw releases of mixtapes for both Venus Envy and The Decypher Cru. I was hot shit, on a roll. I was playing dancey vinyl, feeling good, and decided I should go get a regular booking at a club. What could go wrong?

After passing around a tonne of these demos, no one called me back. Maybe they didn't like the music, maybe they didn't want a fat queer woman on display, whatevs. In retrospect a lot of my dance favourites did not exactly inspire the same rush of feelings in the rest of the world. YMMV

Honed by many years of eclectic queer parties, I repeated a similar thing in 2012, with much greater refinement: Q-Bounce 1.1 and Q-Bounce 1.2 were my statements of how I wanted to have a dance party.  They were demos of exactly what I wanted to bring to the table.

The reactions from my hometown Ottawa crowds were mostly stares, gawks, and confusion, thus effectively ending my viability as a dance DJ. (though apparently it went over well in Toronto and Montreal.)

These are a bit sloppy, but for me, endearing.  Maybe it's the nostalgia.  I once thought I could get Ottawa clubs to dance along to Squarepusher and Mu. Oh god the needle even jumps at one point.
I made them each under 20 minutes so they could fit on one of those nifty 3" CDRs, or on either side of a 40 minute cassette.

Friday, July 15, 2016

MP3 blog 2016/07/14
Anohni - 4 Degrees
Anohni - Drone Bomb Me
Anohni - Hopelessness
Frightened Rabbit - An Otherwise Disappointing Life
Frightened Rabbit - Get Out
Frightened Rabbit - I Wish I Was Sober
Kashaka - Ayyyeeeee
Masha Qurella - Everything Shows
Masha Qurella - Feels Like
Pat Metheny - Resume Variations
Pat Metheny - Tubingen
Quivers - The Poltergeist
Solo vs Vega - The Love Ritual - Bootyleg
Son Lux - We Are the Ones
Son Lux - You Don't Own Me ft Hanna Benn