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MP3 blog 2009/11/07

blog 2009/11/07 - hitting you with that one-two punch of love.

So... you digested the last edition OK, right?
Oh I'm sure you did.

Look, the goodness just doesn't stop, so you best go finish that up and come and get this ish ASAP, because there is oh so much amazingness to share.

The world doesn't stop if you stop and slack off, the brilliance keeps shining, and there's so much new music to explore.

Welcome back, buckle in, and pour yourself a cup of awesome.  neat.

Antipop Consortium - New Jack Exterminator:  In my mind, the APC are that enigma of totally awesome tracks that I play all of the time, yet don't like any albums by.   Fluorescent Black is new for 2009 and has some slamming goodness.  But, like every other album, I can't groove to the whole thing.
Antipop Consortium - Volcano:  If you loved APC, get this.  It's essential, and they are in top form.  If you enjoy APC, go buy the singles or a few of the tracks or the whole album.  If you never jived with APC before, you just kind of suck and we both should acknowledge that this certainly isn't the album that will finally seduce you.  But holy shit, if Volcano doesn't shake your rump, you need yr head checked.

BLK JKS - Lakeside:  Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, BLK JKS will appeal to the contemporary prog rocker.  There's something here for fans of TV On The Radio, Tool, Battles, Manu Chao, all with an occassional flavour of some of the great South African band leaders.
BLK JKS - Molalatladi:  To be honest, I can't dig the whole album, but I just know this will melt the minds of a large number of you out there.  I love these singles, too.  Of course I do!  I would never pots anything less than the best here.  So if these wet your pallette, get the full length indeed.

Califone - Funeral Singers:  AWESOMENESS ALERT!!! "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers" is the new Califone record and it is brilliant.  It took me a few listens to really get my head in there, but oh my god.  It is good.
Califone - Giving Away the Bride:  Somewhat obtuse like Mountain Goats, somewhat reserved like Adem, somewhat off-kilter like Modest Mouse.  The strong songwriting is there, and the album works as a cohesive whole.  Highly recommended for the indie rock alt-folk set.

Dinosaur Jr. - Over It:  How the hell did this happen?  How does a band that starts in 1985 and define such a poignant sound that resonates with the youth, come back 24 years in to their carreer and release something that rocks os good as Farm???  This isn't a nostalgia tour marketed at those that are now 40, this album will appeal to everyone.  WTF?  How is this happening?
Dinosaur Jr. - Said The People:  This would be like if Operation Ivy reformed, erased that whole Rancid period, and released a dance-inducing followup to Energy.  The logistics and blessings of the event would just stop hearts right there.   Well here we are.  Farm is a must for any rock and roll fan.

Glee OST - Defying Gravity (Kurt & Rachel):  The first volume of the Glee TV series soundtrack is out, and only 8 episodes have aired!!!  Damn, what a production schedule.  This song ISN'T EVEN IN ANY OF THOSE 8 EPISODES!  I'm guessing it's from episode 9.  Well it's PERFECT.  Kristen Chenoweth had guested in an earlier episode, and here they are singing Defying Gravity, the show-stopping number from Wicked that Chenoweth sings on Broadway in real life.  YAY!  AND KURT SINGS IN THERE TOO!  *fans self*
Glee OST - Maybe This Time (Rachel & April):  Speaking of Kristen Chenoweth, here is the best song ever to air on TV.  From the musical Cabaret, Chenoweth knocks this classic out of the ball park.  It cleverly becomes a duet and is all the more powerful for it.
Glee OST - Somebody To Love (Rachel, Finn, Mercedes & Artie):  I have never made my love of musicals a secret.  And yes, Glee is all about an awkward cast of minorities that find strength thanks to the leadership of a straight white fully-abled heterosexual dude.  Yeah, it sucks to analyzer for us politically minded stuff.  But oh when they start their singing and dancing, my capacity for dissection and snarking deconstruction go out the window and I just wish I could sing.  Here is the group number where they cover Queen's classic song that terrorizes karaoke bars to this day.

Mountains - Map Table:  TOP ALBUM ALERT!  "Choral" is the new Mountains album, and it is one of the most compelling instrumental albums of the year.  Whether you're from the post-rock camp, the sludge metal, the brooding ambient world, or the high-cultured class of contemporary instrumentalism, this album works on all of those levels and puts recent sonic endeavours by lesser artists to shame.  A gorgeous sonic world to explore, and fully gripping.  Highly recommended.

Pree - In the Parlor:  A delightful twang with a Newsom-esque intruige-filled vioce.  This is the kind of meaty folk music that I so desire.  The new album is A Chopping Block.  I haven't heard it, but I will for sure buy it when I find it.

Soulsavers - Can't Catch The Train:  The new album "Broken" is a bit all over the place soncically and emotionally, but there are a few intruiging numbers in there.  This track evokes the remorse and whisky stained memories of a Tom Waits eulogy.
Soulsavers - Unbalanced Pieces:  Like a bit more enthusiastic version of The National, this indie-cum-pop infusion works in a decent way.

The Sounds - 4 Songs & A Fight:  Power-pop is a genre full of false starts and faceplants.  On "Crossing The Rubicon", The Sounds learn lessons from Tegan & Sara, Metric, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs:  Power pop is a wild and crazy force that should be harnessed for the powers of good.  And while this won't revolutionize the world, the goodness is here and makes itself known.
The Sounds - Home Is Where The Heart Is:  so yeah, if you don't dig this, burn every Metric CD in your collection, you filthy liar.

Volcano Choir - Still:  If you ever wanted Bon Iver to get more epic and sullen, Volcano Choir is for you.  Unmap is the new full length, and it delivers that dizzying emotion of Bon Iver with more grandiose arrangements and torn emotional strangs.  Recommended.


Antipop Consortium - New Jack Exterminator
Antipop Consortium - Volcano
BLK JKS - Lakeside
BLK JKS - Molalatladi
Califone - Funeral Singers
Califone - Giving Away the Bride
Dinosaur Jr. - Over It
Dinosaur Jr. - Said The People
Glee OST - Defying Gravity (Kurt & Rachel)
Glee OST - Maybe This Time (Rachel & April)
Glee OST - Somebody To Love (Rachel, Finn, Mercedes & Artie)
Mountains - Map Table
Pree - In the Parlor
Soulsavers - Can't Catch The Train
Soulsavers - Unbalanced Pieces
The Sounds - 4 Songs & A Fight
The Sounds - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Volcano Choir - Still

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