Friday, February 19, 2010

noise is gay

Every once in a while I search for stuff like "gay noise", hoping to find a thriving subculture of homosexual noise artists.

I end up with stuff like

There is some really awesome gay noise, but the guy named his band "Richard Ramirez", which means it is IMPOSSIBLE to search for... but here is a 2 min audio clip on youtube

On the plus side, The Haters (Juppiter JX-Larsen) released a book covering 30 years of their performance art, and put a video online consisting of noise and Juppiter ripping each page out of the book:

And that is almost as cool as the most awesome thing ever. Which is birds making improv guitar noise.


  1. You probably already know about Ultra-red, eh? Noises rather than noise.

  2. No, I don't know them! Their website is a bit confusing though and contains epilepsy-inducing strobing. Can you give me a summary?