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MP3 blog 2010/09/05

blog 2010/09/05 - back to school mp3 fiesta!

Balmorhea - Bowsprit
Balmorhea - NightSquall:  So is this like post-rock meets folk?  Or folk meets post-rock?  Anyways, 2 tracks from the album "Constellations" feature all the emotion, banjo and floor stompin' you'd ever want.

Gobble Gobble - Becoming Legion
Gobble Gobble - Cat Eggs
Gobble Gobble - Wrinklecarver:  What what what is this?  This is SO GOOD.  It totally reminds me of MUSCLES in it's balls-to-the-walls-fuck-you-I'm-awesome-ness. 

Guanaco - Sky Burial:  First off, sky burials are just an awesome idea.  It's when a body is placed out on a mountain to let the birds have at it, and spreads the love.  And there's not much folky plucking here, this comes in that standard post-rock slow build formula, and actually becomes really interesting when it DOESN'T climax in to wailing guitars.  Instead, it maintains itself like a long drone, and before you know it, it's gone.
Just like the dead.

Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat:  Great girlpop ala Kate Nash.

Kings of Convenience - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp Remix):  KOC are pretty much always allright by me, but yay for Royksopp fleshing out the minimal folk for even more palatable grooving.

Lissie - Bully:  Great endearing singer-songwriter folk from the new album "Catching a Tiger".

Los Rakas - Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix):  I don't know any of the peeps involved here, I don't speak the language, either.  But I love the understated groove of it and the sexy sway.

Marnie Stern - For Ash:  New single from Marnie Stern leaked!  Always raw and always distinctive, I'm very much looking forward to a new album.  Her last song had a number of standouts on it.   Check out old blog entry blog20090108 for those.

Pinch - Get Up (Guido Mix):  Beat producers inevitabley go vocal after making a name for their productions in the underground world.  Sometimes it's totally embarassing, but this track doesn't skimp on the soul nor production values.

Savoir Adore - Bodies:  At first I was all about that background click-clack beat, but who am I kidding?  While the synth can go without being missed, I am a sucker for boy/girl back-and-forth songs.

Taylor Deupree - Shoals:  From the album of the same name, Deupree is back in strong form!  The new EP is called "Snow (Dusk, Dawn)" and ogther they are BY FAR some of the bestest ambient and experimental records of the year.  The textures are luscious and fascinating and I just get sucked in to the works.   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The Acorn - Kindling To Cremation:  I finally bought the new CD!  "No Ghost" is pretty rocking, and in the Canadian tradition, written and recorded in an isolated cabin in Quebec.  But of course!
I dropped the big single Restoration in the blog20100528 entry, but I just had to drop one other.  This is a beautiful way to close a beautiful album.  Be sure to catch this band live if you ever get a chance.

The Hold Steady - Rock Problems
The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part Of The City:  "Heaven Is Whenever" came and went, and I put off picking it up because I heard poor reviews.  You know what?  fuck the haters.  It's still a pretty damn good album.
Sure, it's not Separation Sunday, but it's still rising above the froth of other bar rock releases out there.

The Melvins - Electric Flower (MRK 1 Remix):  Ha!  And we'll close things off with 2 heavy hitters involved:  The Melvins kick a lot of butt, and MRK 1 programs a lot of robots to kick a lot of butt.  A good combo, and totally slamming.


Balmorhea - Bowsprit
Balmorhea - NightSquall
Gobble Gobble - Becoming Legion
Gobble Gobble - Cat Eggs
Gobble Gobble - Wrinklecarver
Guanaco - Sky Burial
Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat
Kings of Convenience - I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp Remix)
Lissie - Bully
Los Rakas - Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix)
Marnie Stern - For Ash
Pinch - Get Up (Guido Mix)
Savoir Adore - Bodies
Taylor Deupree - Shoals
The Acorn - Kindling To Cremation
The Hold Steady - Rock Problems
The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part Of The City
The Melvins - Electric Flower (MRK 1 Remix)

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