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MP3 blog 2010/10/26

blog 2010/10/26 - and now we've really done it.  oh what hath been wrought???

so last year I began the series of "BEST OF 2009" posts at the end of November, and it all culminated around December 14th.
With those dates in mind, I've already started sorting, sifting, and seeing which albums might be declared the best of the year.  Not a small process, by any stretch!
Last year I did the top 10, then the next 15, then the next 25, for 50 albums in total.  I am not sure if I will bother with 50 albums this year, perhaps whiddle it down to the top 40?
Because on top of that I keep tabs of my favourite mixes, reissues, EPs, and of course the ever popular experimental category.  Oh, and let's not forget my rehash of amazing 2009 albums I didn't hear until 2010... 
So yeah, my work is cut out for me!

Atmosphere - Commodities
Atmosphere - The Best Day:  I'll admit I haven't had much Slug love over the last half decade or so, but the new album is "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: the Atmosphere ep's" and it has some redemptive steps for sure.
Def check out if you are a fan.  Hell, if you liked the last few albums, you'll probably be crazy for all of this.

Azealia Banks - Slow Hands:  Practically a Beyonce song, stripped totally, and giving a just-enough-slink groove in the background.  I like it.

Blamma Blamma - Beyond 17 (Mighty Mouse Remix):  Take a sunshiney softball beat and what's next?  Why, sample a joyous classic and slather on top.  Irresistible happiness.

Bryan Ferry - The In Crowd (West End Wolf Remix):  This kind of came out of nowhere.  Here I thought it was more digital sunshine pop and then...  David Byrne?  What?  Nope, not David Byrne, but just as awkwardly delicious.

Destry - Big Mouths:  Very Regina Spektor-ey pop, from last year's album It Goes On.  I love the flute on this one, especially.

Dirty Projectors - As I Went Out One Morning:  My favourite album of list year Bitte Orca gets a 2010 re-release with bonus tracks, and here's one for your pleasure.

Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix:  New Japandroids single!  Just as good as their last year's stuff.  Yum.

Laurie Anderson - Another Day In America
Laurie Anderson - The Beginning Of Memory:  Wow, here's another one that I can't believe I hadn't posted up already!  "Homeland" is the long anticipated new album, and wow it is a tour-de-force.
If you've ever lovied Anderson, she is in top form here and this is essential.  If you don't know her, it's a great time to get on board.  And of course joining you will be a mess of incredible collaborators, including Eyvind Kang, Antony Hegarty, and even John Zorn popping up on the guest list.
It is a dark, critical, almost mourning take on contemporary American culture, but it is a fabulous place to simmer, and soak, and think.

Little Comets - Isles:  Taking compositional pages from Owen Pallet and Supertramp, this song is just flamboyant enough.

Martin Solveig ft Dragonette - Hello:  What is it with all of the bundles of happiness in this update?  Is it all to sugar coat the Anderson tracks?
Regardless, Dragonette kicks some fucking ass on this track.  This is the pop dance jam of the fall so far.

Masada String Trio - Elimiel
Masada String Trio - Gergot:  I can barely keep up with John Zorn, but he keeps knocking out winners.  Let's not even consider that I have be re-listening to the first 21 Filmworks albums...
Anyways, "Haborym" is the 16th entry in Zorn's 2nd Masada Book, The Book Of Angels.  And it's huge and awesome and highly recommended. 
Masada has always been the premier Zorn project, and this is no exception.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Miami Horror - I Look To You (Memory Tapes Version):  More Miami Horror, and it's as good as ever.  Memory Tapes mellows it out just a tad, but it's still that happy electronic pop sound we've come to love here.

Rockapella - A-Punk (Vampire Weekend cover):  I think I burst out laughing when I first heard this track.  And it's OK to laugh, too.  But it's also deliciously wonderful.  Probably the most perfectly appropriate Vampire Weekend cover ever.  I love me some good ol' acapella beat.

The Heavy - That Kind Of Man (Apogee Version):  Hot bluesrocksoul release from the upcoming How You Like Me Now EP!

The Velvet Teen - Radiapathy:  From 2002's "Out Of The Fierce Parade" album.

Walter Sobcek - Je Me Souviens (Original ZHive Remix):  And why the hell not, let's close with another great little pop number.  that's it, that's all.


Atmosphere - Commodities
Atmosphere - The Best Day
Azealia Banks - Slow Hands
Blamma Blamma - Beyond 17 (Mighty Mouse Remix)
Bryan Ferry - The In Crowd (West End Wolf Remix)
Destry - Big Mouths
Dirty Projectors - As I Went Out One Morning
Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix
Laurie Anderson - Another Day In America
Laurie Anderson - The Beginning Of Memory
Little Comets - Isles
Martin Solveig ft Dragonette - Hello
Masada String Trio - Elimiel
Masada String Trio - Gergot
Miami Horror - I Look To You (Memory Tapes Version)
Rockapella - A-Punk (Vampire Weekend cover)
The Heavy - That Kind Of Man (Apogee Version)
The Velvet Teen - Radiapathy
Walter Sobcek - Je Me Souviens (Original ZHive Remix)

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