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MP3 blog 2010/11/02

blog 2010/11/02 - time to clear out the old before we get down to business

APOLOGIES!  I have been sloppy.  And because of that, there are no real new releases in this here batch.
I had kept a folder of stuff for this blog aside, and then I misplaced it.  And then I found it again, and a long time had passed.
So I sifted through that folder and pulled out my favourites, and here they are for you.  It's a double post, but it clears out my archive of not-quite-new releases that I wanted to pass your way.

So a million apologies, and a million awesomes as well. 
No discussion, no rambling, just music!!!!   Get through this while I start sorting through my favourite albums of 2011...


A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Failure
Black Lips - Veni Vedi Veci (Diplo Remix)
Bonnie Prince Billy - Cursed Sleep
Br'er - Painted Lady
Busdriver - Casting Agents and Cowgirls
Daniel Johnston - Freedom
Deela - Heartbreaker
Elvis Perkins In Dearland - Slow Doomsday
Free The Robots - Listen To The Future
Guillemots - Never Went to Church (The Streets Cover)
Gypsophilia - Agricola and Sarah
Hanne Hukkelberg - The North Wind
Jack Penate - My Yvonne
Kiln - Bluerain
Kim Hiorthøy - Giving And Taking Book
Library Tapes - The Scratches On The Window In The Door
Mates Of State - Think Long
Matson Jones - New York City Fuck Off
Milanese vs Virus Syndicate - Deadman Walking
Outlines - Listen To The Drums
Scott Orr - Don't Want To See That Again
Sebadoh - Flame
Silje Nes - Ames Room
Sole - Stuffed Animals Trailer
Sweet Things - Change Of Seasons
Teddybears - Cobrastyle ft Mad Cobra
The Cardigans - Lovefool (Mr. Gaspar Remix)
The Fire and Reason - 11 Minutes
The Futureheads - Hounds of Love (Mystery Jets Private Invasion Remix)
Torngat - Bordeaux Boredom
Triosk - Tomorrowtoday
Under Byen - Af Samme Stof Som Stof

get it all here and let's start fresh again in a few days, ok?  http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20101102.zip

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