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MP3 blog 2011/10/21

blog 2011/10/21 - I am ready for this all over and again and again and yes

Apparat - Goodbye
Apparat - Song Of Los:  The Devil's Walk isn't perfect, but you're in to the moodier lulling electronic of the 2nd half of Apparat's career, it does a great job of continuing in that vein.  There are a number of really great standouts for fans of pop-era Morr Music.

Automotive - Khapoor
Automotive - Klezmer:  Solid productions from the Khapoor EP, returns us to an error where the instruments and mood of a piece can really shine, like early Xploding Plastix and Amon Tobin. 

Awesome Force - Priglashenya (live)
Deadbeatblast - Chiptunes In Toronto Track 1 (live):  I really wasn't expecting much.  I sift through a tonne of muisc that I don't expect much from.  But holy shit, Chiptunes In Toronto blew me away.  This album has sets by these two artists and 8-bit synthesis is just beyond compare.  Seriously addictive and highly recommended.

Class Actress - Love Me Like You Used To
Class Actress - Weekend:  Who likes pop?  Who likes synths?  Who likes a sweet chanteuse?  Yes, Rapprocher is indeed for you.  The album is bursting with pop goodness that will sound like a about-fricking-time Ladytron revival.  Recommend for:  bread baking kitchen dance parties.

Daniel Sex Jr. - Debbie Zen:  I love the clunking beats that remind me of my favourite Freescha tracks.

Danny Brown - Brown Eyes:  There's something kind of just messy about this track that is really appealing.

Eskmo - Cloudlight:  More post-Tobin cinematic clunky bass.  Crank up that sub and get queasy!

John Denver - Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix):  Little known fact:  I am a big John Denver fan!  Dude was sweet.  While this song could do with being half the length, I'll take what I can get.  Get down get busy. 

Labyrinth Ear - Amber:  Lovely chilled out pop, drenched in layers of twinklesynth.  Love love love.

St. Vincent - Cruel:  Another great single from Strange Mercy.  I really have to go listen to the full thing one day soon...

The Belle Comedians - Fewer Lights:  From the whirled intro synth you know this will be earnest and ecstatic fun.  From the new album Autumn Ought To...

The Horrors - Changing The Rain
The Horrors - Still Life:  Remember when I was kind of simultaneously blown away and overwhelmed by the last The Horrors album?  No?  Well I was.  But this time they've toned down the edge and put out an incredible rock/pop record that still has some grit and flourish, but is totally digestible and should cross over in a big way.  "Skying" will appeal to mopey brit rock fans and Canadian indieheads alike.  Recommended!

Young Galaxy - We Have Everything (Blue Hawaii Buh Buh Remix):  Did I mention I loved Young Galaxy and their fabulous new album Shapeshifting?  Well it's true, and lucky for me there is a number of excellent remixes out there.


Apparat - Goodbye
Apparat - Song Of Los
Automotive - Khapoor
Automotive - Klezmer
Awesome Force - Priglashenya (live)
Class Actress - Love Me Like You Used To
Class Actress - Weekend
Daniel Sex Jr. - Debbie Zen
Danny Brown - Brown Eyes
Deadbeatblast - Chiptunes In Toronto Track 1 (live)
Eskmo - Cloudlight
John Denver - Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)
Labyrinth Ear - Amber
St. Vincent - Cruel
The Belle Comedians - Fewer Lights
The Horrors - Changing The Rain
The Horrors - Still Life
Young Galaxy - We Have Everything (Blue Hawaii Buh Buh Remix)

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