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MP3 blog 2012/02/07

blog 2012/02/07 -  the word is that yes I will be there and so will you and it will be glorious


BBU - Please, No Pictures ft Das Racist:  Dug in to the Unreleased, Remixes, Collaborations Das Racist collection, and while lots of meh going on, I loved this track.  Yes, get kids to do your rap choruses.

Braids - Peach Wedding:  Off the 7'' split with Purity Ring! 

Buraka Som Sistema - Hypnotized:  The new album Komba didn't do much for me, but this awesomely goofy track is... ummm..  goofily awesome?  yes.

Find The Others - In Time:  spirit-lifting beautiful folk music from the self-titled album

Gramatik & Brale - New Generation:  hot breaks from the b-side comp Official & Bootleg Remixes, Colabs & Rare Tracks.

Haruka Nakamura - Graf:  gentle pulses and dreamytime snuggle music from Afterglow.

Hayzee - Press Start:  Oh it's on, drop that quarter and the shit is gonna fly.

How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream 1 (Orchestral Version):  The choral presentation reminds us all that we live in a post-Bjork world.

James Ferraro - Earth Minutes:  Ferraro caused a firestorm for his topping of Wire magazine's best-of lists.  I see the divisiveness.  But he has a magic that falls somewhere between Max Tundra's early stuff and the outsider-art Americana of The Residents.  Not exactly the most populous of critical cross-sections.

Jeffrey Foucault - Northbound 35:  Totally earnest!  Totally folk!  from 2004's Stripping Cane.

Ljones - Autumn Groove
Ljones - To The Groove:  Yes, there is groove here.  Some slick downtempo for the 2012 crowd from Soul Below.

Nujabes - Fellows:  I don't know how it happens, but some days I'm just all about the BREAKS.

Pepe Deluxé - Lying Peacefully (radio edit):  break-a-break-a-breaky-break-breaks! 

Skylar Grey - Dance Withou You:  Then we'll take the bangs and move on to even more pop!

Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids cover):  Ahhh the Vancouver classic done all drippy with synth and love.

The Good Natured - Skeleton:  Sure they sound like many other female-fronted rock bands, but oh they do that Metric thing oh so well.

Tycho - Coastal Brake:  Ummm yeah so lots of chill going on this update I guess!  This time in that lovely Ulrich Schnauss vein.


16-Bit - Le Hanwell Hustle
BBU - Please, No Pictures ft Das Racist
Braids - Peach Wedding
Buraka Som Sistema - Hypnotized
Find The Others - In Time
Gramatik & Brale - New Generation
Haruka Nakamura - Graf
Hayzee - Press Start
How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream 1 (Orchestral Version)
James Ferraro - Earth Minutes
Jeffrey Foucault - Northbound 35
Ljones - Autumn Groove
Ljones - To The Groove
Nujabes - Fellows
Pepe Deluxé - Lying Peacefully (radio edit)
Skylar Grey - Dance Withou You
Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids cover)
The Good Natured - Skeleton
Tycho - Coastal Brake

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  1. Oh just splendid! Thank you for this soundtrack to a very humid Australian summer. xx chris