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MP3 blog 2012/04/25

blog 2012/04/25 - preparing for the day of the days

Chromatics - Back From the Grave:  The post XX age is upon us!  Dreampop is king!

Guillemots - I Don't Feel Amazing Now (Mooli Remix):  Guillemots have always excelled at the epic emotional rollercoaster ride, and this remix just reframes it all perfectly.  Some indie rock songs just need a quality bass-synth underneath them.

Jack White - Love Interruption:  I haven't really followed this guy too much, but yeah this single kind of won me over, partially for the wind instrument selection, partially for the restraint shown that would normally have put this out as a over-amped cockrocker.

James Murray - Greenlands:  Floods gives us serene fuzzed out keys that would fit well on many-a-soundtrack.  But between names like Floods and Greenlands, you'd imagine something much more alienating soundwise.  But we'd all be wrong.

Kimya Dawson - Same Shit; Complicated
Kimya Dawson - Walk Like Thunder with Aesop Rock:  WHAT.  If someone told me Kimya Dawson had released an extremely long album that featured more lyrics than an Aesop Rock album AND IT INCLUDED AESOP ROCK all over it, AND it had a memorial tribute song for Captain Lou Albano, I'd think that maybe you were right because why on earth would you make that shit up?  This album Thunder Thighs is easy to dismiss and oh so worthwhile to get in to.  It's a rare thing:   a precious twee hipster growing up and having a badass midlife crisis.  She is simultaneously realizing her music career is secondary to the joys of having a kid, that all of her friends are dying early, while spending much emotional energy exorcising her thoughts about her past overdose and substance indulgence.  And yeah, Aesop Rock participates.  Not just a cameo, but on like 7 tracks.  Seriously, WTF.   Well here are two songs, and yeah, 17 minutes total.  Highly recommended for those that will be in to it.

Kytami - 2 Lions:  ROAR! ROAR!  This isn't yr regular raggamuffin dub, no no, we got some sweet ass strings and glorious pads and a little dose of ecstasy.

Santigold - Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix):  New Santigold!  Super fun.

Slow Club - Two Cousins:  New Slow Club!  I'm really excited for the new album Paradise.  Stay tuned.

The Antlers - Hounds ft Nicole Atkins:  Not quite a remix album, Together is duets and reinterpretations and oh this one is my favourite.   I like that Nicole hits the lower half of the harmony.  This album also has an 18 minute Bears In Heaven track on it...  Neato, but only for the hardcore Antlers fans.

The Flashbulb - The Great Pumpkin Tapes:  From the album Arboreal, this is what the Charlie Brown kids will be ice skating to for eternity.

Tyga - Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg):  Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch, over and over and over.

Yoshinori Takezawa - Draumar
Yoshinori Takezawa - Licht:  Dream Line is a plethora of lowkey skittering beats that provides a tiny framework for the amazing piano and guitar to shine on top of.  And is it just me or does Draumar sound like an acoustic rendition of a Mike Paradinas track?  Recommended for those in the sleeping bags.

Zambri - Hundred Hearts:  Dreampulses from the new album House of Baasa.  Having 1 heart is hard enough, 100 is TROUBLE.

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Coffee Break:  ZD has been on the brostep train, so I was relieved to find a batch of dope tracks that get in to the synth rap business again.


Chromatics - Back From the Grave
Guillemots - I Don't Feel Amazing Now (Mooli Remix)
Jack White - Love Interruption
James Murray - Greenlands
Kimya Dawson - Same Shit; Complicated
Kimya Dawson - Walk Like Thunder with Aesop Rock
Kytami - 2 Lions
Santigold - Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix)
Slow Club - Two Cousins
The Antlers - Hounds ft Nicole Atkins
The Flashbulb - The Great Pumpkin Tapes
Tyga - Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg)
Yoshinori Takezawa - Draumar
Yoshinori Takezawa - Licht
Zambri - Hundred Hearts
Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Coffee Break

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