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MP3 blog 2012/09/27

blog 2012/09/27 - with the seasons comes the reasons.  Reasons and blankets.

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CPI - Q-Bounce 1.1

queercore / voguebass / bootyrave
67 minutes, 154 MB

01) Adriano Canzian - You Excites Me So Much
02) Fagget Fairys - Feed The Horse (Gambit Remix)
03) Lexy & K-Paul - Ponyboy
04) Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky
05) Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap
06) Aaron-Carl - Homoerotic
07) Roxy Cottontail - Let's Make Nasty (acapella)
08) Azealia Banks - 212
09) Cassius - Feeling For You (Complete Kompleks Edit)
10) Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face (CPI's Fuck Madonna Edit)
11) Amanda Lepore - My Pussy (acapella)
12) Cazwell - All Over Your Face (Extended Disco Vocal)
13) Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend
14) Kid Sister - Lookout Weekend
15) L'Trimm - Cars That Go Boom (Boomin' Mix)
16) L'Trimm - Cars That Go Boom
17) L'Trimm - Cars That Go Boom (acapella)
18) The Martin Brothers - Duck Face
19) The Martin Brothers vs Snoop Dogg - Duck Face (bootleg)
20) Prince - When Doves Cry
21) Ellis D - Took My Love Away (CPI Pose Edit)
22) Zebra Katz - Ima Read ft Njena Reddd Foxxx & Azealia Banks (CPI edit)
23) Doyo - Sidekick
24) Kill Frenzy - Booty Clap
25) Chelley - Took The Night
26) Chip-Man & The Buckwheat Boyz - Peanut Butter & Jelly Time (acapella)
27) DJ Deekline & Red Polo - Let It Bump (Hydroz Remix)
28) Theophilus London - Big Spender ft A$AP Rocky
29) Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock
30) Roxy Cottontail - Let's Make Nasty (acapella)
31) Azealia Banks - Fierce
32) Sabbo - Broken Marimba
33) Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Douster Remix)
34) Douster & Savage Skulls ft Robyn - Bad Gal
35) Pharoah Monch - Body Baby (Sinden & Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
36) Baauer - Harlem Shake
37) 5kinAndBone5 & Robert Jeffrey - Penis Power (UZxLOLGURLZ Remix)
38) Tyga - Rack City (Mak & Pasteman Bootleg)
39) Tyga - Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg)
40) The Sequence - Funk You Up (Long Version)
41) Organized Rhyme - Check The OR
42) Sissy Nobby - Pop Dat Dyck Up
43) Lesbians On Ecstasy & Big Freedia - She Likes to Party (CPI DJ Edit)

And now, on to the normal blog post...

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Killing Type:  For all the iffy internet drama surrounding her mistteps, Theatre is Evil is a pretty damn amazing album that will hopefully eclipse the bumpy social-media roads it has travelled.  This album picks up many of the threads of Who Killed Amanda Palmer and builds them into an intelligent pop spectacle.  Highly recommended.

Ambinate - As It Is
Ambinate - Horizon:  Some classic bass-school style IDM off the lovely new Horizon EP.

Bon Iver - Holocene (The 14th Minute Edit):  Dear internet:  stop making bad Bon Iver remixes.  Seriously, I think I had to sift through 20 really mediocre remixes to find this gem in the slop.

Four Tet - 128 Harps
Four Tet - Pinnacles:  I came in with low expectations, expecting it to be long and boring, but oh the new album Pink won me over by track 3.  The songs are typical in their long-plod structures, but there are so many exciting flips moving around in it, and a handful of different genres given kisses to.   Recommended.

Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You:  So yeah, best get in to channel ORANGE sooner or later.  It's a concept album that doesn't blast you with hits the whole way through, but best learn the subtleties because come December it will be on all the top-10 lists, and you best understand why.

Geographer - Life Of Crime:  His voice is fabulous and I love the production.  I posted another track of their's back in blog20110609, so be sure to check that too.

Japandroids - Fire's Highway
Japandroids - The Nights Of Wine And Roses:  Ohhhhh hey Canada, you kind of produce some amazing artists!   Celebration Rock is just as good, if not better, than their debut.  Highly recommended.

Max Richter - Spring 1
Max Richter - Summer 2:  "Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons" is a stunning and delicate rework of classic Vivaldi.  The matsering alone should make this your choice disc for when going to buy a new stereo.  Highly recommended.

Pussy Riot - Deliver Pavement: 
Pussy Riot - Mother of God, Putin Put!:  MUTHAFUCKIN PUSSY RIOT!  Before they got jailed, they released this EP Kill The Sexist!

Slow Magic - Sorry Safari (Giraffage Remix):  Hi, I am a giraffe and my make smooth ass beats.  Let me get you some fruit from the top of this tree.

Swans - Avatar
Swans - Lunacy:  Holy shit kiddos, this album.  THIS ALBUM.  The Seer is a stellar achievement and yeah you really gotta lock yourself in a laundry hamper while heavily inebriated and just listen to the title track really loud.  You just have to.  Highly recommended.

Theresa Andersson - Hold On To Me:  From the album Street Parade, reminds me of St. Vincent before she adopted those annoying flourishes.


Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Killing Type
Ambinate - As It Is
Ambinate - Horizon
Bon Iver - Holocene (The 14th Minute Edit)
Four Tet - 128 Harps
Four Tet - Pinnacles
Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You
Geographer - Life Of Crime
Japandroids - Fire's Highway
Japandroids - The Nights Of Wine And Roses
Max Richter - Spring 1
Max Richter - Summer 2
Pussy Riot - Deliver Pavement
Pussy Riot - Mother of God, Putin Put!
Slow Magic - Sorry Safari (Giraffage Remix)
Swans - Avatar
Swans - Lunacy
Theresa Andersson - Hold On To Me


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