Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reasons I am a terrible at this DJ thing:
I don't care what anyone else wants to hear.
I don't have sexy glossy photos.
I don't network.
I don't care about fashion.
Instead of going to other DJ nights I stay home and work on noise projects.
Chances are I do not have what you want to hear.
I get confused as to why people aren't in to what I am doing, but strive to not actually care, and stay focused.

I feel like I need to wipe the slate clean of that pretension, get back to my original focus, and stop comparing myself to DJs that actually have "success" or "demand" or "buzz" or any of that, because really that's never what it was about, but somewhere along the way I lost the plot.


  1. You're one of my favourite DJs. I've never met you, heard you play out, I'm not gay, lesbian, transgendered, or bisexual. I don't listen because I think females djs are cool. I like it because your mixes are great. Keep up the good work. I can barely keep up with you're mp3 blog, but when I do there's always some gold in there I would have never found on my own. Fuck trends, you are doing the right way, you're way. You rock

  2. If anyone isn't willing to take a chance on listening to something new (as if they'd get physically injured if they dared to try) and only wants to hear the same shit everyone thinks is cool because they were told it was, then fuck 'em. Only dead fish swim with the stream. Keep doing what you do; it's very much appreciated.

  3. If it helps, I think you're VERY good at this DJ thing.

  4. Ditto what Trevor said ('cept I'm queer and I've met you). Your mixes keep me on my toes, occasionally grate my brain, and more often introduce me to new killer artists. Keep on!