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[BEST OF 2012] Top 20 experimental & instrumental albums

blog 2012/12/17 - [BEST OF 2012] CPI's favourite experimental & instrumental albums

Normally I would write glib, one sentence reviews for the albums.  Normally I would try and at least convey my enthusiasm for each and at least hint at the magic of it.
But after the devastating emotional crush of the Newtown massacre, I just don't have it in me.
After the barrage of cheerleading from the gun lobby, working hard to make sure it is ever easier to acquire more powerful weaponry, working hard to make sure nothing happens to alter America's fetish for guns, working hard to maintain a status quo that merely costs a repeated civilian slaughter that is a tragic outlier against every other 1st-world nation...  after taking in all of that, I just don't have the words.

Have 4 hours to wile away? You can sift through this...

CPI's top 20 experimental and instrumental albums of 2012

01) John Zorn - Gnostic Preludes
02) Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend!
03) Kane Ikin - Sublunar
04) Oren Ambarchi - Audience of One
05) Max Richter - The Four Seasons
06) Nicolas Bernier - Music for a Piano / Music for a Book
07) Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen - Seam
08) Giuseppe Ielasi - Untitled, 2011
09) Listening Mirror - Resting in Aspic
10) Nordvargr - In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown... To Live Again As A Servant Of Darkness
11) Evan Caminiti - Night Dust
12) Fennesz - AUN
13) Pinkcourtesyphone - Foley Folly Folio
14) Akumu - Transmissions EP
15) Kane Ikin & David Wenngren - Strangers
16) The Boats - River Calder EP
17) GRKZGL - S'en tire sans titre
18) Porzellan - The Lost Library
19) Jason Crumer - Let There Be Crumer
20) Philippe Petit & Friends - Cordophony


Akumu - Transmissions (excerpt)
Evan Caminiti - First Light I
Evan Caminiti - Returning Spirits
Fennesz - Nemuru
Fennesz - Nympha
Giuseppi Ielasi - Untitled, 2011 01
Giuseppi Ielasi - Untitled, 2011 04
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - We Drift Like Worried Fire
GRKZGL - S'en tire sans titre (excerpt)
Jason Crumer - A. All Friends And Old Flames
Jason Crumer - IV. Sault Ste. Marie, MI
John Zorn - Circumambulation
John Zorn - The Middle Pillar
Kane Ikin & David Wenngren - Strings + Interlude
Kane Ikin & David Wenngren - Veil
Kane Ikin - Oberon
Kane Ikin - The Violent Silence
Listening Mirror - The Leechpool
Listening Mirror - Wet Roads
Max Richter - Autumn 1
Max Richter - Spring 1
Max Richter - Summer 2
Nicolas Bernier - Aurore III
Nicolas Bernier - p2. ostinato
Nordvargr - ...abandoned by life...
Oren Ambarchi - Knots (excerpt)
Oren Ambarchi - Passage
Philippe Petit & Friends - Eunoia
Philippe Petit & Friends - Succumb to Gravity
Pinkcourtesyphone - A Dark Room Full Of Plastic Plants (excerpt)
Pinkcourtesyphone - All Made Up
Porzellan - Chapter Of The Tepuis
Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen - Seam 01
Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen - Seam 05
The Boats - River Calder (excerpt)

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