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MP3 blog 2014/04/23

blog 2014/04/23 - I'm never surprised when it ends this way

We're bored so we fall in to it again:

2NE1 - MTBD (CL Solo):  "Member" is the new chorus?  OK, whatevs.

Ages And Ages - Divisionary (Do The Right Thing):  I always need an melancholic edge to my sing-along songs.

Alex Coulton - Pointe Noire:  This is some perfectly stripped minimal ish, from the album War Games.

Alexander von Schlippenbach - Light Blue:  I have been grooving on this one all week.  A bit of a throwback, from the 1997 album Schlippenbach Plays Monk.

Denim Snakes - Party Hard:  More barrock singalong indeed!

Evil Analog - Sweet Poison ft Anna Krista:  I love this sexy little number, how it remains restrained without resorting to crazy drops, and knows it is perfect just the way it is.

FaltyDL - She Sleeps (Gang Gang Dance Remix):  This GGD version is even better than the original.  All gravy.

Hundred Waters - Boreal: 
Hundred Waters - Down From the Rafters:  2 tracks here, one from the self-titled album, and one from Down From the Rafters, and both are great.

Laura Stevenson - L-Dopa:  Swooning on those horns, lifting up the epic folk to the heavens.

Luminox - Dynamite:  DY-NA-MITE!  BOOOOOOM

Nick Leng - Walking Home:  Beautiful little bit of electro pop bliss.

Pearls Negras - Pensando em Voce:  This shit is just banging.

Pheo - Real Old Cigar (Joe Kay's Slowed & Roll One Edit):  Lovin' that pitched down rap.

Phox - Espeon:  More glorious folk from the Confetti EP.

Suntrapp - New Morning:  A wonderful song from the album New Morning.

Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami:  Love the acapella folk intro and the perfect tinges of the deep bass.

Temples - A Question Isn't Answered:  Spacey and fuzzed out, the way mom used to make it.  From the new album Sun Structures.

The Lighthouse and The Whaler - Venice:  Close it on the cheery chirping chimes!


2NE1 - MTBD (CL Solo)
Ages And Ages - Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
Alex Coulton - Pointe Noire
Alexander von Schlippenbach - Light Blue
Denim Snakes - Party Hard
Evil Analog - Sweet Poison ft Anna Krista
FaltyDL - She Sleeps (Gang Gang Dance Remix)
Hundred Waters - Boreal
Hundred Waters - Down From the Rafters
Laura Stevenson - L-Dopa
Luminox - Dynamite
Nick Leng - Walking Home
Pearls Negras - Pensando em Voce
Pheo - Real Old Cigar (Joe Kay's Slowed & Roll One Edit)
Phox - Espeon
Suntrapp - New Morning
Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami
Temples - A Question Isn't Answered
The Lighthouse and The Whaler - Venice

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