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MP3 blog 2015/05/12

blog 2015/05/12 - the gift is the swell

And even that soon dissipates:  http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20150512.zip

Aluna George - Outlines (Danny T Rework):  Start it up with the smooth garage.

Chromatics - Blue Moon:  More intense than you can imagine.  Dog whistles, amiright?

Darondo - Didn't I (Dave Allison Rework):  Gots to be funky.

Demdike Stare - Dyslogy:  Those hits are all Ken Ishii core for me and it takes me back.

Gal Costa - Tuareg (dîP Edit):  Like Uber, but for grooves that last 10 hours.

Hop Along - Buddy in the Parade
Hop Along - I Saw My Twin
Hop Along - The Knock:  New Hop Along album "Painted Shut"!!!  I'm still chewing on this one, so many great songs.  Recommended.

Jr. Hi - Secrets ft The Weeknd (GXNXVS Remix):  Thick synth sits darn well with Weeknder dude.

Listener - Eyes To The Ground For Change
Listener - Not Today:  Time Is A Machine is a massive adventure that excites the brain from start to finish.  I think every Hold Steady fan should branch in to an album like this as well.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Slow Magic - Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix):  Over the top bassplosion, like chillout with a dubstep flair.

Stick Figure - Stay With Me:  Glorious pop, hold your hands high!

The Rebel Light - Strangers:  Rapture!

Twiggy Frostbite - Ahai:  One of those great examples of a band's name which pretty much resolutely invokes the music…

Weaves - Shithole:  Yes OK ok okOK

Woodro Skillson - Clear My Throat:  so balling.


Aluna George - Outlines (Danny T Rework)
Chromatics - Blue Moon
Darondo - Didn't I (Dave Allison Rework)
Demdike Stare - Dyslogy
Gal Costa - Tuareg (dîP Edit)
Hop Along - Buddy in the Parade
Hop Along - I Saw My Twin
Hop Along - The Knock
Jr. Hi - Secrets ft The Weeknd (GXNXVS Remix)
Listener - Eyes To The Ground For Change
Listener - Not Today
Marten Hørger - Deep Inside
Slow Magic - Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)
Stick Figure - Stay With Me
The Rebel Light - Strangers
Twiggy Frostbite - Ahai
Weaves - Shithole
Woodro Skillson - Clear My Throat

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