Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MP3 blog 2015/07/28

blog 2015/07/28 - it's all wide open

We plan and wait and have the keys we need:  http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20150728.zip

Dimond Saints - What U Doing To Me:  New slick downtempo basssss

El Bu´ho - Pescado Negro:  Gah those flute sounds slay me.

Esther Grey - Buttermilk
Esther Grey - Night Calls:  From the buttermilk 7 inch, these quirky garagefolk tracks got me hooked.

Fabio Orsi - Full Metal Flat:  Great textural psych jams from Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul.

Grossbuster - Soviet Ressurection:  All the drama of the chopped break fun!

Istillfeelit - Burn Into Night
Istillfeelit - Only One ft VIRGO:  So the first track is epic downtempo and the next blissful electro pop?  I'm in.

JENI - Parables (Phrakture Remix):  Strong synth pulse bass sandwich.

Justin Jay - Mind Games:  Just a little groovy house number.

Little Earthquake - I Am Alive:  With a name like that how are you supposed to think about anything other than Tori Amos?  Welp, here we are, back in high school.  What have you done?

Lungbutter - Extractor
Lungbutter - Vile:  Love this discord from the album Extractor.

Plastic Handgun - Selective Living:  Space guitar from Involuntary Memories.

Savant - Nebula:  This is that 80s synth revival fulfilling all of your sexiest Lambo dreams.

Soley - Aevintyr:  From Ask The Deep

Starfoxxx - Bae HD (Mount Banks's Piano VIP):  I like that they did a fucking VIP remix and stripped out the beat.  Perfect.

Valise - Dialogue:  yessss


Dimond Saints - What U Doing To Me
El Bu´ho - Pescado Negro
Esther Grey - Buttermilk
Esther Grey - Night Calls
Fabio Orsi - Full Metal Flat
Grossbuster - Soviet Ressurection
Istillfeelit - Burn Into Night
Istillfeelit - Only One ft VIRGO
JENI - Parables (Phrakture Remix)
Justin Jay - Mind Games
Little Earthquake - I Am Alive
Lungbutter - Extractor
Lungbutter - Vile
Plastic Handgun - Selective Living
Savant - Nebula
Soley - Aevintyr
Starfoxxx - Bae HD (Mount Banks's Piano VIP)
Valise - Dialogue

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