Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CPI - Melt I + II (fusion) [+ bonus release]

CPI - Melt I + II (fusion)

Melt I was performed live 2015-09-04 at Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa.
Melt II was performed live 2015-09-05 at PDA Gallery, Ottawa.
Both performances were part of the Coalesce Festival.
The track "Melt I+II (fusion)" combines the recordings of both performances in to a single piece.

159 minutes, 363 MB

From the performance press release:
“phase transition of a substance from a solid to a liquid… when the internal energy of the solid increases” A plinth, an ice sculpture, a body and CPI. Two years after a welcomed prophylactic massectomy, Cara Tierney reflects on post-surgical corporeality as sound artist CPI sonically weaves icebergs and high-tension metals. This presentation mimics a gallery sculptural installation and as such people are encouraged to come and go as they please and drop-in at their convenience.

Bonus release circa 2009, just added to the site:
CPI - Three Compositions For Dance 2009-05-14
For the final extended dance work in a performance by Lana Morton and company.

18 minutes, 40 MB

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