Wednesday, July 20, 2016

the 2005 demos

CPI - 2005 demo 1
CPI - 2005 demo 2

I found 2 old demos on an external hard drive. As my days of relevancy as a DJ slow to a halt, I wanted to share them to give some perspective.
Go back and look at my output circa 2004. GO AND LOOK. I had started buying a few dancier records in 2003 and 2004, and 2004 saw releases of mixtapes for both Venus Envy and The Decypher Cru. I was hot shit, on a roll. I was playing dancey vinyl, feeling good, and decided I should go get a regular booking at a club. What could go wrong?

After passing around a tonne of these demos, no one called me back. Maybe they didn't like the music, maybe they didn't want a fat queer woman on display, whatevs. In retrospect a lot of my dance favourites did not exactly inspire the same rush of feelings in the rest of the world. YMMV

Honed by many years of eclectic queer parties, I repeated a similar thing in 2012, with much greater refinement: Q-Bounce 1.1 and Q-Bounce 1.2 were my statements of how I wanted to have a dance party.  They were demos of exactly what I wanted to bring to the table.

The reactions from my hometown Ottawa crowds were mostly stares, gawks, and confusion, thus effectively ending my viability as a dance DJ. (though apparently it went over well in Toronto and Montreal.)

These are a bit sloppy, but for me, endearing.  Maybe it's the nostalgia.  I once thought I could get Ottawa clubs to dance along to Squarepusher and Mu. Oh god the needle even jumps at one point.
I made them each under 20 minutes so they could fit on one of those nifty 3" CDRs, or on either side of a 40 minute cassette.


  1. Any way we could get track lists for these? I'm loving them!

    1. Maybe load up spotify and see if it gets the tracks? If you compile one please post it.