Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bette Midler laserdiscs rips - Mondo Beyond

I'm going to start posting some content for everyone on quarantine.  A long time ago some angel ripped the Bette Midler laserdiscs and put them up online, that torrent now long gone.

Thank goodness someone saved them.


Mondo Beyondo was an 1988 arthouse special hosted by Midler.  Featuring a ridiculously cool set of 1980s downtown NYC performers, including:

  • Bill Irwin: one of the greatest actors and clowns in existence, who you might remember from Sesame Street in the 1980s, and then more recently as Mr. Noodle, and as the father in Rachel Getting Married
  • Yes/No People, who went on to create STOMP
  • Paul Zaloom, who would soon after go on to be the titular character in Beakman's World
  • La La La Human Steps, one of the most important late-20th century Canadian dance groups
  • David Cale, Pat Oleszko, The Kipper Kids, etc.

If you have any issue with video files, always install Media Player Classic on your PC or VLC if you use a Mac orPC

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