Sunday, January 22, 2023

my favourite albums of 2022

My favourite albums of 2022 (so far)

It's that time of year again: 2022 has been gone for a few weeks.  Anyone who tried to sell you on a "best of 2022" list before 2022 was over?  SNAKEOIL.

This list will change as I spend even more time with these albums.  I hate the idea of a AOTY list being a stagnant thing where we record our emotional reactions to albums without having an opportunity to put them down and revisit them a 2nd or 3rd time.

Top 10:

The Beths - Expert in a Dying Field

Soccer Mommy - Sometimes, Forever

Black Flower - Magma

Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge

Caterina Barbieri - Spirit Exit

pigeon pit - feather river canyon blues

Mélissa Laveaux - Mama Forgot Her Name Was Miracle

Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B


Old Fire - Voids

Top 11-20:

Shygirl - Nymph

Max Cooper - Unspoken Words

Florist - Florist

Salamanda - ashbalkum

Cavetown - worm food


Naujawanan Baidar - Khedmat Be Khalq

µ-Ziq - Hello

Osheyack - Intimate Publics

Grace Ives - Janky Star

Runners-up, aka 21-40:

Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Max Richter - The New Four Seasons: Vivaldi Recomposed

Black Country, New Road - Ants from up There

Two Shell - Icons EP

Mario Diaz de Leon - Heart Thread

Alice Glass - PREY//IV

Lull - That Space Somewhere

Tim Koch - Volplaning

Johann Johannsson - Drone Mass

Steve Reich performed by Ensemble Intercontemporain- Reich-Richter

William Basinski & Janek Schaefer -  “ . . . on reflection “

Colin Stetson - Chim​æ​ra I

Buckshot - Burning Barn

Mick Harris - Drones Tones Drifts And Feedbacks Part 2

Lea Bertucci & Ben Vida - Murmurations

Soda Plains - Living with Elvis

Perfume Genius - Ugly Season

Colin Stetson - The Menu

The Weather Station - How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars

Attacca Quartet & Caroline Shaw - Evergreen

amaii - I've Seen Better Days

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