Monday, October 2, 2023

MP3 blog 2023/10/02
Claire Chase - Bertha's Lair (2016) for flute and percussion by Tyshawn Sorey
Claire Chase - Lila for flute, bass flute and contrabass flute (2015) by Dai Fujikura
Claire Chase - Luciform (2013) for flute and electronics by Mario Diaz de Leon
Cupid Car Club - M.P. Skulkers
Drezus - Say ft Inez
Drezus - Warpath
EYƎ - Recone side A
Johann Johannsson - Moral Vacuums
Johann Johannsson - One is True
Johann Johannsson - To Fold & Remain Dormant
Osheyack - Piecemeal
Osheyack - Thrall
Tim Baker - Survivors
Tim Baker - Sylvan Valley
Wendy Carlos - Clockwork Black
Why - George Washington
Why - The Barely Blur
Why - This Ole King

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