Friday, May 29, 2009

CPI - Just Scum.

I am going to kick off this blog with an entry for each of my mixes. I wanted to be able to sort them by tags, so having them here will certainly help.

Let's start at the beginning. I was born in 1979. By the time I hit grade 11 I was full-on enthralled in Japanese Noise and teen angst. To resolve both interests, I started an artier-than-though project to create 40-second sound segments, which were then randomized and assembled together in to a singular piece. In CD format, it was meant to be listened to on random.

Dedicated to Juntaro Yamanouchi and Eye Yamantaka, I present:
CPI - Just Scum

Track listing:
01. Only This Moment
02. Dreams In Colour
03. The CIA Had The Hardest Rocking Parties
04. Mind The Spectrum Gap
05. More Trouble Than You
06. Rain For The Glistening Soul
07. Ninja Fucks Like Sword
08. You Are A Pyramid All Alone
09. Earth Is A Temporary Condition
10. Dylan Is My Biggest Fan
11. Any Idiot Can Make Good Music
12. The Future Is Going To Be OK
13. Ottawa Junglist Massive On Drugs
14. It Isn't Science Anymore, It's Immoral
15. Warble Tones
16. Ane Sell Mellihaouo
17. Strident Meshuga
18. More Pieces Than Beats
19. 3D Kitty
20. I Am Sirius
21. The Magic Of Seventy One Seconds
22. Useful People In Pretty Pages
23. Fist Was Cat Was Chair
24. Microtonal Masturbation
25. Seppuku By Virgin Anguish
26. Tinnows
27. I Dreamt Shawn Scallen Smoked Crack
28. Jump One Are Not To Song
29. Somewhere Between Misogyny and Eurethra
30. Today We Found Some Glass
31. Glorious, Shimmering Times
32. Barbed Restraint
33. Enacting A Lucid Dream
34. Axiom Roots For Cluster
35. Move, Goddamn It!
36. Do You Like Speedcore?
37. Tonal Existance
38. Building On Sentiment
39. Jack Van Impe Takes It Up The Ass
40. Una Maggia Piu Forte Della Morte
41. Error Diffusion
42. She's Bleeding For Purity
43. Dynamite Laura Spritz
44. Sounds Like Techno, Looks Like Sunflowers
45. Zorn For The Sake Of Grace
46. Super Cock Telepathic Discharge
47. Smile For My Sin
48. Fun With Tinnitus
49. Bottle Of Size
50. LSD I Did The Why
51. Ordering Marble Footsteps
52. Emory Face
53. Onani Medallion Zero
54. Glam For Nil Vagina
55. Music Is Like Playing With Your Eyeballs
56. She Blinded Me With Science
57. (This Is In Parentheses)
58. Falls Before Her Cue
59. Level Of Fuller Intelligence
60. Curse The Sun, I Want Stars
61. It's Like Basic Sound Memory
62. Molecular Haiku
63. How About A Wub Wub
64. My Week Is Equal To Your Year
65. Feel My Pain
66. Chemical Infusion
67. Exalts The Person Who Has The Mind
68. Understand A Motivation Shatters
69. Hickory Tunes
70. My Octangular Room
71. We Are Canada's Premier Noise Band
72. Hurry, I'm Dying
73. It's Better In Barrhaven
74. A Ramazan Morning Part 1
75. Call Return
76. The World Of Being Blameless
77. Going Nowhere Together
78. Ensare The World In Flames
79. Slap Back Orifice
80. Scum Yen Terrorist Busk
81. System Config
82. Revenge Of The Cyber Slut
83. Acute Angles In The Maze
84. Stupidity's Historic Uptrend-Flashback
85. Music That Loves You
86. Learn About Ducks
87. The Full Approval Of Our Leaders
88. Rock Over London
89. Humiliation Remedy
90. The Center Of A Black Hole Is A Feeling
91. Everything Is Over And Over And Over And Over
92. Symposium Crest
93. Basking In The Afterglow
94. You Might As Well Just Go Home And Die In Peace
95. Poetry As I Needed It
96. Subwoofer Missile
97. Bore Go Lawsuit Shit (0x12=0)
98. A Ramazan Morning Part 2
99. What You Found Most Amusing About The Crime Scene

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