Monday, June 1, 2009

Z'ev - Opus 3 (CPI Edit)

From my site:
This recording was created using Opus 3, performed by Z'ev, and released by Staalplat in 1990.
Opus 3 is a collection of five acts, each movement of which is a textured sound performance on a distinct medium.
While I loved the original recording, this edit captures how I liked to listen to it, and highlights my favourite portions.

This process arose from the liner note instructions "Oracular shuffle mode recommended":
The 13 most arrhythmic of the 20 track album were selected and underwent minor acoustical treatments.
3 random orders for the tracks were derived. One for the left, center and right channels.
The tracks were overlayed in their derived order in to each channel.
For audio clarity, minor EQ enhancements were utilized and compression was applied to the center track.

Z'ev - Opus 3 (CPI Edit)

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