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MP3 blog 2009/06/01

blog 2009/06/01 - The bells they chime for Caitlyn. Caitlyn and MP3s.


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Just so you all know, I have a new blog.

It will contain all of my public projects, like my DJ mixes, MP3 blog posts, Divergence Movie Night updates, and anything else I am involved in.
If you are a person in need of an RSS feed, check there. I will still be updating all of my other sites, however, so nothing will change. Nothing removed, just more CPI functionality for you and yours.

Things start off wickeda hard here! The new Buraka Som Sistema album, "Black Diamond", is fucking AMAZING.
The perfect party album. Favela house and Baille funk and even some grime vocals from Virus Syndicate, continents away in the UK.

I don't follow a tonne of metal/grindcore/screamo stuff. I am just not an angry person a need to vent cathartically. But on occasion I do enjoy sipping these genres like a fine glass of bourbon. Genghis Tron released "Board Up The House" in 2008 and as far as screamo alt metal goes, it didn't do much for me. (Mind you, little does in that area, so grab it if you are a metal fan.)
What really caught my attention though was the 5 EPs of remixes released, featuring an eclectic range of remixers. From the somewhat appropriate (Broadrick, Eluvium, Tobacco, Tim Hecker) to the surprising choices (DNTEL, Odd Nosdam, Subtle), as a series it is full of sonic surprises.
The first track I picked out here was the Justin K. Broadrick remix. Fuck all others, I skipped right to this track. Ex-Napalm Death drummer, he sucked me in to the Godflesh world with his 18 minute remix of Xnoybis in 1994. This act alone took post-industrial grind metal into the world of dubbed-out stonner experimentation. In my own little timeline, everyone from Sunn O))) to Lustmord to Tool owe their careers to that fateful Godflesh remix, and if you are interested in any of those musical veins, you should quickly track it down. Anyways, fast-forward 15 years and his remix here ressurects the same power.
Rob Crow delivers a remix thta reminds of the darker Patton-influenced Mr. Bungle jams. Top notch.

Here We Go Magic - Only Pieces: Here We Go Magic released their st album in 2009, but overall it didn't catch my ear beyond this initial single. This single though is a campfire-fun rounds singalong for anyone and everyone with an Animal Collective hipster beard. Grab a bongo and groom with pride!

Kj Sawka - Subconnectors (Press & Selfsimilar Remix): Sexy dubstep delves in to some moody 90s downtempo vibes. Top notch.

Loose Cannons - Why You: I dug this out of my old DJ crate! I had forgotten about this track. It's not too old, but sometimes the sands of culture fall through your fingers and you don't notice them until you are recovering from collapsing to the ground. (I love metaphors that don't really mean anything, because they end up meaning the MOST!) Electro funk groove sexiness.

Mount Kimbie - Maybes: Oh such beautiful IDM! From the 2009 Maybes EP, this gem should be on your alarm clock to wake you out of blissful slumbers each Sunday morning.

Royksopp - Vision One: Their 2009 album is Junior, and it's a quality outing. Problem is? Like Moby, it often sounds like prefab and perfectly produced electro pop ready for a TV commercial spot and/or fashion show montage. Recommended if you like their other stuff, but for me, I don't have the time to really devote to their album. This one track here catches me, with it's lovely saw wave grindsynth. Expect some hot remixes though.

After a few years of critical acclaim for his work with Alva Noto, pianist and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto releases a gem for 2009: "Out Of Noise". A solo outing, the years of collaboration have an obvious influence on his aesthetic with it's minimal constructions and focus on the beauties of each little sound. Always somewhat quiet, but a stylistic range that sweeps from Ekkehard Ehlers to Philip Glass to Windham Hill to his own works with Alva Noto, this album is recommended for any fans of quiet, beautiful ambient classical music.

Sukh Knight - Tricks Of Trade: Just another quality dubstep track!

V - Buried Behind the Church: Annoying titled "V" (yes, the quotations are part of their band name), We Are Crossing Fences Through Rocky Fields is a simple little 2008 post-rock ambient album. If you ever thought Godspeed You Black Emperor were good but didn't need the swells and should focus on the drone, this will be up your alley.

Waldeck - Defenceless (Thievery Corporation Remix): A throwback to finish things off, this is remix is from the 1999 album Balance Of The Force.


Buraka Som Sistema - Black Diamond ft Virus Syndicate
Buraka Som Sistema - Kurum
Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro ft M.I.A., Dj Znobia, Saborosa, Puto Prata
Genghis Tron - Colony Collapse (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
Genghis Tron - Things Dont Look Good (Rob Crow Remix)
Here We Go Magic - Only Pieces
Kj Sawka - Subconnectors (Press & Selfsimilar Remix)
Loose Cannons - Why You
Mount Kimbie - Maybes
Royksopp - Vision One
Ryuichi Sakamoto - In the Red
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Nostalgia
Sukh Knight - Tricks Of Trade
V - Buried Behind the Church
Waldeck - Defenceless (Thievery Corporation Remix)

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