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MP3 blog 2009/07/16

blog 2009/07/16 - A little something special for that special spot deep inside special you.

What's been happening?
I've been busy!

Ottawa Bluesfest has been keeping me ridiculously busy, and that is even WITH me skimping on concerts.
The highlight was seeing Ornette Coleman live! He was 12 feet from me! eEEEEEE!
I also saw great performances by Iron & Wine, Okkervil River, Neko Case, and King Sunny Ade & his African Beats and so much more.
Good times!

I haven't been doing many "theme" postings as of late, but I noticed I had enough experimental stuff sitting in the "totally awesome must post" folder. To spare those of you that aren't too adventurous and are only here for the pop, this post will run the range from ambient, to metal, to experimental to IDM.
If you like interesting sounds, be sure to grab this post. If you only like the verse/chorus/verse or beat/breakdown/beat shiz, feel free to skip.
I will be following up with a much poppier one in the coming days.

DJ Sega - Dig: While it might tarnish the image of "hardness", there is something so goofy and silly fun about metal electro. Putting a booty-clap under a death metal scream? GENIUS!

One of the most astounding finds recently has been Eluvium's Life Through Bombardment box set. Released as a massive and exquisite 7 LP set, this tome covers the entire recorded output of Eluvium. Much of it is rich hypnotic ambience, with lots of acoustic piano and atmospheric sound art to boot. One of the few times I can honestly say I have say down with a set longer than 3 CDs and been captivated the whole way through.
Highly recommended.

Gnaw Their Tongues - Rife With Deep Teeth Marks: Oooh this one kind of came at me out of nowhere. I am totally unfamiliar with the band, but this track perfectly blends drone textures with slow-grind metal and noisy screeching. A winner.

I stumbled on these Grey Gersten tracks by accident. He recently curated a month at The Stone, the artist focused performance space run by John Zorn in NYC. Think The Knitting Factory, only cooler.
He does some brilliant sound-art and is apparently also a filmmaker.

The first Grouper album was all the rage, but it didn't rise above the level of many similar albums that were released at the same time. The track here is from their 2009 album Way Their Crept and continues with what they do best: Spooky reverbed lofi washouts. I love the primitiveness of it. It's like recordings I used to make in my bedroom, except this person can actually sing.

Jacaszek's album "Treny" is from 2008 and was a stunning surprise. The first thing it establishes for itself is the sheer quality of it's sound and production. Fusing ambience with clicks-n-cuts and IDM, the album doesn't rest in any genre-specific conventions. It delights me like in that same way when you first heard Murcof. Highly recommended.

Moderat wins for the goofiest album cover of the year with their 2009 self-titled album, featuring a woman punching her own nose on the cover. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??? A slick album with tight production credentials, only a few of the songs really jumped at me in terms of composition. Recommended for you to sift through online at places like Beatport and buy the gems. Moderat is still riding that high-water mark of IDM production, so best not miss this wave.

Peter Rehberg's "Work For GV 2004-2008" album is another delightful surprise. As you might guess from an album collecting works for film, the cinematic expanses and dramatic flairs in the tracks are high. Some seriously depressing/disturbed spoken word bits anchor the record with a narrative, but for me it is the textural rumbling tracks that truly shine. Highly recommended for fans of O.S.T., post-industrial soundscapes, and disturbing sounds to play at Halloween.

The internet just won't shut up about Sunn O))), but not without due reason. They have been kicking butt and chewing gum for years now with a heavy release schedule and lots of touring. Their 2009 LP Monoliths & Dimensions has been praised out the wazzoo, so really, why don't you have it yet? What is you dysfunction? If you have been put off by the metal-tude of them before, this record ups the "ecstatic reverb" knob and features chanting and some bliss-out chords. Same sort of song structure as previous records, but you can tell they have been listening to lots of Bohren & Der Club of Gore, and that's always a good thing.


DJ Sega - Dig
Eluvium - Seeing You Off The Edges
Eluvium - Under The Water It Glowed
Gnaw Their Tongues - Rife With Deep Teeth Marks
Grey Gersten - Fumbles In The Dark
Grey Gersten - Hard Times
Grouper - Where It Goes
Jacaszek - Martwa Cisza
Jacaszek - Rytm To Niesmiertelnosc
Moderat - Rusty Nails
Peter Rehberg - Murder Version
Sunn O))) - Alice

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