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MP3 blog 2009/07/25

blog 2009/07/25 - prepare thyness for the onslaught of slack comeuppance.

Let's get to it quickly now. I have been listening to a lot of music and not posting enough to quell the flow. The result is a high-pressure backlog of awesomesauce. Ready?

Get your best of 2009 lists ready, because there certainly needs to be a place for Bitte Orca on it. The new album by the Dirty Projectors is remarkable and a joy.
Totally innovative and eclectic, but also accessible and readily addictive. Highly recommended!

Dringe Augh is from Korea, and while I hate to get all "oooo neato" because of point-of-origin, I admittedly have little Korean music. This track is from his 2009 EP Individually Wrapped, and is delicate and charming.

Frankmusik - Confusion Girl (Don Diablo Loves To Slowdance Remix): Epic electropop fun!

Gossip - Heavy Cross (Burns Remix): Remix of a single from the new album Music For Men. Expect more tracks up here from that LP, but I thought I'd kick off with this subdued-yet-divine remix.

The Japandroids are another winner. The vocals have that muted-hallway Fugazi and the production is thunderous like early 90s math-punk. Their 2009 album Post-Nothing is a winner. If you are or ever were a fan of Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi, Archers of Loaf, or any of those intersections, I highly recommend you grab this album.

JDP - I Was On It: I've never heard this guy before, but it's some tight production, inoffensive verses and good flow.

Jokers of the Scene - Annie Mac Show Mini Mix: a 5-minute minimix that shows off these Ottawa producers. Not a track unto itself, but a great piece of heat to add to your "at the gym" mix.

Kanji Kinetic - The Buffalo VIP: Some heavy-ass garage servings going on here, with cheeky sample usage that would even make a gabber producer smile. Goodness!

Little Boots - New In Town: I have to say I was disappointed with much of the Little Boots LP, especially after some crazy underground remixes. But this single is unavoidabley addictive. Give it a chance!

Major Lazer is a cheeky collab between Diplo and Switch and their 2009 LP "Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do" is getting a lot of hype. OK so I didn't think it was 100% solid, but I rarely ever take albums like this as a whole, instead just harvest some singles.
Mad props for auto-tuning the baby on the first track here. Much of the album is a bit harder, so I def wanted to include Can't Stop Now as a taste of the mellower grooves.
And then last but not least, Ottawa producer extraordinaire DZ turns in a massive remix of the first single, Hold The Line. With a billion remixes of this track available, this is one of the tightest out there.

Mr. Chop - Snob: It has been a long time since we posted up some organic funk breaks on here, so let me rectify that with this hot little number of live drum chopping and mad flute licks.

Nas - Hope (Beirut Remix): Is this the Beirut we all know and love? The baroque/folk wunderkind? I doubt it, but lucky for them the producer creds caught my attention, and while there are no Mexican horns on the track, it's a slick and poignant single.

Sarah Boothroyd - Some Sort of Dark Force: What's this? Another OTTAWA person? Yeegads, 3 in one post!
I had no idea this woman was from Ottawa, but hers was the strongest track from the Deep Wireless 3 compilation, a free release of contemporary radio art.
Highly recommended if you like the experimental sounds arts.
Get it all here:


Dirty Projectors - Remade Horizon
Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is The Move
Dirty Projectors - Two Doves
Dringe Augh - Tutelar (Vocal Eunjie Song)
Frankmusik - Confusion Girl (Don Diablo Loves To Slowdance Remix)
Gossip - Heavy Cross (Burns Remix)
Japandroids - Heart Sweats
Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire
JDP - I Was On It
Jokers of the Scene - Annie Mac Show Mini Mix
Kanji Kinetic - The Buffalo VIP
Little Boots - New In Town
Major Lazer - Baby ft Prince Zimboo
Major Lazer - Can't Stop Now ft Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell
Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DZ Remix)
Mr. Chop - Snob
Nas - Hope (Beirut Remix)
Sarah Boothroyd - Some Sort of Dark Force

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