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MP3 blog 2009/08/05

blog 2009/08/05 - These mp3s! Like grains of sand through my fingers...

Amadou And Mariam - Siteladi (Mo Dj Remix): About time this duo got a single out! Not too much added with this remix, but it ups the DJ-friendly quotient for sure.

Ana Pettinari - El ciclo: I don't speak the language, but holy shit that chorus makes me shiver. So good.

Anaïs Mitchell - Your Fonder Heart: More on the folk tip, her vocal technique bridges that delicious sweet spot between Joanna Newsom and Sarah Mclachlan. And I also note and enjoy the dueling guitar melodies in each channel, with the horns section right in the center for that crescendo swell.

B. Rich - It'll Be Alright ft Domonique: We start off with some Baille car-alarm funk, and just when you think it'll be some instrumental twitch house, the smooth vocals slide in there and work it over perfectly. So damn hot. A stormer.

Bell Orchestre really capture your imagination. Limp genres like "post rock" have long been floundering in their own redundancy, but the new LP "As Seen Through Windows" evokes the excitement as when you first heard Dirty Three and Hovercraft back in the 90s.
They also raise the bar by covering Aphex Twin's Bucephalus Bouncing Ball! I double-dare Sunn O))) to cover any of Come To Daddy. Aphex Twin hasn't sounded this good since Dillinger Escape Plan covered
him. Well, or since the 90s.
Recommended for all fans of post-rock and instrumental prog rock.

Woah, back the fuck up. This guy was on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Can you believe it?
"So Far Gone" is Drake's new LP and it's pretty chill. I'm pretty picky with hiphop (can you guess?) and so a bunch of it came off as juvenile and unrefined, but there are a few sweetspots.
Obviously Kanye-influenced, but in a good way, he even inserts himself in with Lykke Li. And don't worry, he pulls it off. Well played, sir!

Fagget Fairys - Feed The Horse (Gambit Remix): Oh this is dripping with all sorts of awesome awkward sex.

We dropped a remix on here previously, but here are two solid tracks from the new Gossip album "Music for Men". It follows in the same style as the prior album, with it's raw production values that really let Beth Ditto's power shine through. Expect a similar flood of awesome remixes.
Highly recommended for fans of rock. All rock.

Jónsi & Alex - Boy 1904: Lush choral ambience from the new LP "Riceboy Sleeps".

Jose James - Spirits Up Above: This might be a shock for regular listeners, but it's true straight-up soul with traditional flair and jazz piano to boot.

I remember the last I had heard of Kid606 for a while was a quip in an interview about he wanted to try something new and challenging, like raising a family.
Well after an appropriate number of years, he re-emerges! And lo', he has some dompe remixes in tow on the Dancehall Of The Dead album.
Cardopusher hits us with some darkstep bassy monster movie fun. Mr. Wobble's Nightmare parodies the classic 4 Hero track from about 18 years ago, but cranking up the BPM and squelching out the breaks'n'bass.
Fun stuff.

Phatcat & DZ - Shadows: Ottawa-based DZ turns in another scorcher. Appropriately following the Mr. Kird do-over above, this track digs back to the early 90s hardcore classic Valley of The Shadows by Origin Unknown and reworks it for the 21st century dubstep heads. Solid.

St. Vincent - Actor Out Of Work: I hadn't loved the new St. Vincent as much as everyone else, but I thought I'd toss you another one of their gems since I listened to this one again, this time from their 7" EP release. This tracks captures some of the magic of their earlier LP, but in slightly noisier form.

Xabec - Open State (Transformed by Eletronengehirn): And we will close things down with ambience from Xabec's 2008 LP "Transformed". It's an eclectic grouping, with experimental artists, glitch-techno kids, and drone ambient chillouts. A bit uneven, but very much worth checking out if those 3 genres are your thing.


Amadou And Mariam - Siteladi (Mo Dj Remix)
Ana Pettinari - El ciclo
Anaïs Mitchell - Your Fonder Heart
B. Rich - It'll Be Alright ft Domonique
Bell Orchestre - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
Bell Orchestre - The Gaze
Drake - Houstatlantavegas
Drake - Little Bit ft Lykke Li
Fagget Fairys - Feed The Horse (Gambit Remix)
Gossip - 8th Wonder
Gossip - Four Letter Word
Jónsi & Alex - Boy 1904
Jose James - Spirits Up Above
Kid606 - Monsters (Cardopusher Remix)
Kid606 - Mr. Wobble's Nightmare (Cycheouts Ghost Remix)
Phatcat & DZ - Shadows
St. Vincent - Actor Out Of Work
Xabec - Open State (Transformed by Eletronengehirn)

That's it! That's all! YUM YUM!

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