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MP3 blog 2009/08/09

blog 2009/08/09 - Where is the love in this land of wires? Ooh right. There it is.

No filler just killer! Let's get to it.

Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep (Radioclit's French Mix): They are BACK! This is bubblegum pop goodness at it's best. Like a hipster mix of Spice Girls and... well Architecture In Helsinki. Their joys are inimitable.

Canadians ft Cherielynn Westrich - Neverending Story (Limahl cover): I can't describe just how important The Neverending Story was to my life, but I can go off on nonsensical eyes-wide rants for hours at a time. THIS MAKES ME SO FUCKING HAPPY.

Colin Stetson - Time Is Advancing with Fitful Irregularity: I'm going to throw this out there. I know many of you will delete this one, and I won't hold that against you. This is a bit more difficult than you are used to. And that's OK. But just give it one chance and see if it does anything. It's mystical and esoteric and altogether engrossing and disturbing solo saxophone.

The new Ethan Rose album is called Oaks, and my oh my, why don't you own it yet? Witness the sterling beauty. Witness the delightfully full production. Witness the perfect amount of spaces and tiny stars exploding around you.
Highly recommended for fans of Biosphere, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the romantic side of Eluvium.

Gui Boratto - No Turning Back: Gui often (and tragically) gets lumped in with the dearth of "Beatport Superstars": Tech house producers that are one-trick ponies that often have a stable of releases. But don't be fooled: Gui has always been at the forefront of the electro world, giving us more unique and ground-breaking tracks than any AliveGoo5 approximation could ever muster. Another track of blissout tech.

Harlem Shakes sit on the tip of your tongue. They remind you of so many other great rock bands with a strong pop lean, but you get apprehensive naming similarities. So many things fit, and so many of those so many fits don't fit quite too well. They don't do it justice.
Recommended for fans of Pavement, The National, They Might Be Giants, The Mountain Goats, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. uggh whatever. "Technicolor Health" is the new album. And it's good.

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow; What A Wonderful World: A throwback to 1993. This ushy-gushy sentimental merry-go-round is impossible to hate. And you just don't fuck around with a ukulele. You give it due respect. (I just noticed there are some digital blips in my copy. sorry)

Papercutz - A Secret Search: This is music after my own heart. A solid beat that would make a younger Dabrye proud and perfectly mixed in vocal overdubs. Wonderful.

Starkey - Strike Now: For those of you worried this update has been a bit too sentimental or abstract and just not delivering any ruffness, this is for you. Starkey takes some cues from Mick Harris and delivers a MASSIVE bass explosion that fits in perfectly with any Scorn set. Top notch.

I have posted leaked tracks from The Antlers on here before, and each has made my heart feel light. And now one more to remind you that the new LP "Bear" is now available for you. Stunning, and highly recommended.

The Pixies - Debaser (DJ Eleven Remix): What can be said? A great bouncey track in convenient DJ-friendly bassy form.

Wale - Chillin' (Skratch Bastid Remix): If you've been here a while you've known I have lots of love for Wale, and this is another fine example of why.

Weekend Players - Hype The Funk (Audio Jacker Mix): Funky bounce house? Check. Ultramagnetic MC samples? Check. Pants off? Check.

This whole post has been leading up to this! This post goes out to Shannon and her daughter who each fell in love with tracks from Why?'s last album.
Well here it is you two, the new Why? is out and "Eskimo Snow" is a delight. Just check out the majesty of This Blackest Purse.
Amazing. Highly recommended.


Architecture in Helsinki - That Beep (Radioclit's French Mix)
Canadians ft Cherielynn Westrich - Neverending Story (Limahl cover)
Colin Stetson - Time Is Advancing with Fitful Irregularity
Ethan Rose - Mighty Mighty
Ethan Rose - Rising Waters
Gui Boratto - No Turning Back
Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game
Harlem Shakes - TFO
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow; What A Wonderful World
Papercutz - A Secret Search
Starkey - Strike Now
The Antlers - Bear
The Pixies - Debaser (DJ Eleven Remix)
Wale - Chillin' (Skratch Bastid Remix)
Weekend Players - Hype The Funk (Audio Jacker Mix)
Why - One Rose
Why - This Blackest Purse

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