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MP3 blog 2009/09/09

blog 2009/09/09 - The gates are all crashing in and the siege brings party balloons!

BOOM! Back with another CD of freshness.

Andrew Bird - Imitosis (Four Tet Remix): Andrew Bird wears Four Tet well. Bird's literary humanities-lounge-drunkard crooning fits perfectly with Four Tet's locked-in-the-music-basement rhythmic manifestations.

Bouncer Crew - Smokesum ft Frank-N-Dank: From the 2007 album Xtasy for Ladies, this is the single standout to be found. The album is OK, but in an album that is all party and no studying, you often end up with one jam and then 11 or so hangovers.

Calvin Harris - Flashback: The new LP is Ready For The Weekend, and while the sophomore effort doesn't come to matching his debut, if you are a fan already you'll probably be super in to this. Me, I like some of it and worry he's heading in to Moby territory, releasing "generic electronica for white college kids". For Flashback here, I can appreciate him channeling that early 90s pop dancefloor. So sugary sweet, you don't even bother to worry if it's bad for you.

Down The Lees - Talk is Not Cheap: What starts off as a paint-by-numbers indie pop song sticks to it's structural roots and builds and builds upwards, adding more drums, more organ, more chants and OMG the bliss of the indie song because a mantra of ecstasy.

J Dilla - Walkinonit (Phaseone Remix): Dilla beats float around as a ephemeral goodness, seldom breaching the 100 second mark, and this is no exception. Floats in to being, sticks around to tease you with might have been, and walks on away...

Jentri Colello - Daisies: Straight ahead folk beauty, from the 2008 Bird of Prey EP.

Jihae - Hide: I haven't heard the full-length Elvis Is Still Alive, but I can really appreciate the fusion of freakfolk swells and slide-guitar whine. But in the end, it makes me crave more Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, which takes this kind of music to it's sinister conclusions.

Marcus Visionary - Long Long Time: It's been a long long long long long long long long long time since I posted up some jungle, and I am just in love with this track. Good sample usage, playful basslines, and an occasional smattering of amen smashes makes me happy.

Maria Taylor with Andy LeMaster - A Good Start: I'm running out of ways to talk about pleasant folk songs. This is from the 2008 album Savannah Drive. That is all.

Mika - We Are Golden (Don Diablo Remix): Corralling the masses in to one throbbing mob has never had a better theme song! It's like a pep song for the socially maladjusted artsy raver sect. GOLDEN!

My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy: MBD always tend to delight me. This is from their 2008 album A Thousand Shark's Teeth, and actually acts as a stylist precursor for this years album by The Decemberists! You can hear just why she was chosen to perform the parts of "The Queen". An astounding talent.

Nico Muhly - The Only Tune III. The Only Tune: Starting delicate and small, the vocal lines proves to be an unbreakable mantra that powers through treacherous and sentimental musical memories seeping here and there. We get to the end and nothing is accomplished, nothing has changed, but we made it and are better for it, surprisingly uplifted.

Red - I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Chops Remix): Could this be the best single of 2009? Check youtube for the origin video of this guy, who walked up to the gates of (I think) Jay-Z's place and starts beatboxing and rapping for the guards while someone films him through the bars. The acapella beatbox is remarkable, but here Chops lays on some more melody and tightens things up, but dayyam good fun to be had here.

Russian Red - Timing Is Crucial: More delicious folk music, this time from the I Love Your Glasses LP.

Seaworthy - Ammunition 1: The new album is called "1897" and it features about half delicate drones, with the other half of delicate guitar-improv textures. It is the dronework on here that really does it for me though. Like a blissful harbor at night.

Silje Nes - Ames Room: Signed to the always pleasant FatCat label, she should find her way in to the collection of any fan of Mum, Barbara Morgenstern, Masha Qurella.

I have to listen to the new Mountain Goats LP The Life Of The World To Come a bit more before I deliver my own verdict on it. It doesn't conjure up the same emotional and narrative ride of the last 2 albums, but I haven't given up hope.
The two tracks here are the most engaging on the album, so expect much more mellow after these.
Each song is titled after a biblical passage, and the entire work has a much more straightforward and subdued tone to it. I haven't read the backstory, but there has probably been a funeral or two between this album and the last.

Toy Selectah - Lamento En La Jungla: This was a surprise addition to the Mad Decent roster. The MD crew always hooked up producers from all around the globe, but they seldom go straight to the funky house goodness. This is groovy.

That's it, that's all! Just flip this over and over for a few days. Let it all sink in.


Andrew Bird - Imitosis (Four Tet Remix)
Bouncer Crew - Smokesum ft Frank-N-Dank
Calvin Harris - Flashback
Down The Lees - Talk is Not Cheap
J Dilla - Walkinonit (Phaseone Remix)
Jentri Colello - Daisies
Jihae - Hide
Marcus Visionary - Long Long Time
Maria Taylor with Andy LeMaster - A Good Start
Mika - We Are Golden (Don Diablo Remix)
My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy
Nico Muhly - The Only Tune III. The Only Tune
Red - I Should Tell Ya Momma On You (Chops Remix)
Russian Red - Timing Is Crucial
Seaworthy - Ammunition 1
Silje Nes - Ames Room
The Mountain Goats - Genesis 3:23
The Mountain Goats - Psalms 40:2
Toy Selectah - Lamento En La Jungla

OK, your motivation is "sponge". The scenario is: "old train yard". aaaannndd.. go!

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