Friday, September 11, 2009

Orv Owens - Obey Authority

"Why can't I get my child toobey me?" This is a question that most parents have asked but no one is giving good answers. This tape will create a desire in the childs subconscious to obey.

My friend Heather found this tape back around 1995. It says "(c) 1999" in the photo here, but that must be a new edition.
We were a gangly mess of sensitive art-punk-nerds and tittered in joy and laughter with this great find.

Heather writes...
I got this from an old Sally Ann downtown when I was in high school. It closed soon after, I think. It was in the basement in a bin of caseless tapes. This one was white and just said "Obey Authority" on it. Years later I did some research and learned that this was made by Orv Owens, a Christian Fundamentalist mind-control guru (and choral singer!) who still sells quit-smoking and lose-weight sleep tapes online. This is the only thing I've ever recorded from tape to digital. I don't even remember how to anymore. :)

childrens have delicious brains

More from the promotional material...
A lack of leadership and failure to be strong followers has hurt the business world, held back individuals and destroyed productivity. A high respect for those in positions of authority is needed to build a successful organization. This tape will create a desire to relate well upward.


  1. This is an amazing find. Thanks. I wonder how many parents have actually played this tape to their kids when they're sleeping and if their kids became happy obedient darlings.

  2. I'm glad you like it. Not sure how much exposure tapes like this got, but I fear for the few guinea pigs whose parents bought this.
    Feel free to repost it (or anything I post here), using the my own link.

  3. Oh hot pockets this sounds great... but alas! I can't seem to get the link to work?

  4. Hmmm the link works for me.

  5. Grey recommended this, and it took a couple of tries, but I finally got a good download. Thanks. I've listened to part of it and it's a scream.

  6. What kind of download problems were you having with dowloadig it? It's coming very fast for me.