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MP3 blog 2010/05/17

blog 2010/05/17 - I'm too tired for this to be egalitarian.

Al Green - Simply Beautiful (George Lenton Remix):  Smooooth and schmexy!  mmmmmmm unnnn mmmmm.

Alcoholic Faith Mission - My Eyes To See:  I finally got the full length "Let This Be The Last Night We Care" and while I wasn't all up in the whole thing, I did love this track as well.  Also check their track on the blog20100302 release for more goodness.  Definitely for fans of Broken Social Scene.

Black Hat Brigade - Vera:  I swear it sounds like the guy is on the verge of breaking out in to a yodel during the breakdown.  That or dance a shanty jig.

Caribou - Odessa:  OK OK, this song is pretty good.  But like so many other albums of BIG HYPE this year, file Swim under the "meh" section.  I've just never gotten excited about Caribou, sorry!  This one is at least shiny and groovey.

Chanel - If You Love Me (Control-S Remix):  Smooth pop garage!

Enduser - 2/3:  From the "1/3" album, super sexy voxx and total terror breaks+bass.  Total rave annihilation!

Everyone Everywhere - Tiny Boat:  Remember back when Emo was all about snappy shoes and Jade Tree Records?  Close your eyes and relive those glory days.

Holy Fuck - Lucky:  Bouncey chopped guitar + bass build to space-rock epicness, and makes this one of my favourite tracks of the new LP Latin.  I'm not down with the whole thing, but fans of past Holy Fuck albums, and especially fans of Ratatatat's latest 2 albums, will really dig it all.

Milieu - Cropduster
Milieu - Night Ride:  I guess I'm swimming in nostalgia these days, because suddenly I'm back to when Boards Of Canada's High Scores was on the shelves alongside Ulrich Schnauss's Far Away Trains Passing By.   The album Colortone is from 2008, but I just found it now, and really the year doesn't matter since it'll just warp you back to the late-90s IDM heyday of chugging progressive breaks and only the sexiest of organ squiggles.

Mitten - Green
Mitten - Similar Sense:  Another surprise find for me!  Fabulous female pop numbers, for fans of School of Seven Bells, The Notwist, and yes, there is even a dash of Stereolab in there.

Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page Session:  A totally engrossing traditional folk stormer.

Myagi & Johan Soh - Still (Stefan Goodchild Remix):  Remixes still come out on occassion that just rework all of the conventions before them, and I'd classify this as one of them.  Working some garage stylings into a proto-dubstep framework, I find this piece extremely satisfying without getting melodramtic and edgy without being obscure.

Omar Souleyman - Hafer Gabrak Bidi (I Will Dig Your Grave with My Hands)
Omar Souleyman - Li Raja Behawakom (I Beg You, Baby):  How can you fuck with a man who names a song like I Will Dig Your Grave With My Hands?  What is this, death metal?  Oh no, it's the Syrian jazz sensation Omar Souleyman, here to bust your fucking skull.
The new album is "Jazeera Nights: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria", and it's a take-no-prisoners affair of total awesomeness that will part the seas in the same way that Naked City's Torture Garden did.  Any fans of Mr. Bungle and Muslimgauze should definitely get up on this and find out where there much-cherished pseudo-exotic sounds come from.  Very much recommended for fans of jazz, Middle Eastern music and death metal.

Pick A Piper - Rooms:  From the 2009 self-titled, this is hypnotic and ecstatic.  As opposed to hypnotic and terrifying.


Al Green - Simply Beautiful (George Lenton Remix)
Alcoholic Faith Mission - My Eyes To See
Black Hat Brigade - Vera
Caribou - Odessa
Chanel - If You Love Me (Control-S Remix)
Enduser - 2_3
Everyone Everywhere - Tiny Boat
Holy Fuck - Lucky
Milieu - Cropduster
Milieu - Night Ride
Mitten - Green
Mitten - Similar Sense
Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page Session
Myagi & Johan Soh - Still (Stefan Goodchild Remix)
Omar Souleyman - Hafer Gabrak Bidi (I Will Dig Your Grave with My Hands)
Omar Souleyman - Li Raja Behawakom (I Beg You, Baby)
Pick A Piper - Rooms

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