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MP3 blog 2010/05/26

blog 2010/05/26 - It's happening again.

Sometimes you just are about to wake up and with the sadness there you can barely make it out of bed.  Sometimes the things in our dreams just exhaust us so much that they stay with us all day long.
And sometimes we are just oh so slack in getting out updates that we are riddled with metaphorical panic attacks in the form of dreamscape premonitions of imminent doom.

I already have 2 more updates worth of stuff ready...  I've been listening to tonnes of great new music, but life has been deliriously busy.

Tremelo Audio - Rosita (Lucrecia Remake)
Tremor - Viajante (The Cumbia Cosmonauts Remix):   Like so many random blog downloaded that are just miscellany mixtapes, I was expecting to find total crap.  Or perhaps one good song and 15 pieces of crap.  Blog mixtapes are like that. 
But this one was different.  It wasn't all cliche samples and fidget and no-flow hiphop like the others.  Oh no.
These are from "Americas Volume One, A Mixtape by Moses Iten", and you should definitely check this one out.  Fresh Southern beats throughout, slipping between sensual and more bouncey.   And these two tracks especially caught my ear.  Well worth the google search.

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson cover):  The first of 3 covers in this update!  Didn't we do something similar 3 updates back?  Sure, but covers can be awesome...
A great rocking take on one of MJ's most exciting tracks, circa 2001.

Anni Rossi - Machine (live on MOKB radio):  This kind of rootsy folk works oh-so-well in cloistered radio studios.  It's a shame that so many recording technicians don't do rawer recordings like this where you can hear all of the finger pickings.

Brasstronaut - Six Toes:  Yeah, I bet you weren't expecting the fucking oboe.  No one expects the oboe.  But an adorable little song, bridging that gap between Andrew Vincent and Beirut, and from the 2010 album Mt. Chimaera.

Caballo & TMFK - Breathe:  The classic Prodigy synths get a MAD rework here.

Crystal Fighters - I Love London
Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Xtra loud Mix):  2 great examples of goofy fun electro bounce pop.  Perfectly spastic and addictive.

Health - Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak Rmx):  We previously posted a great new song from the new album "DISCO2", but the rest of the album didn't move me in any real way.  Except for this one.  I like any band that can resist the urge to just toss their siganture backing beat on top of a track and do something a tad more delicate on the rework tip.

Josh Ritter - The Curse:  Old fashioned story-tellin' folk ala Cohen, from the new album "So Runs The World Away".

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Marchin' In:  Ridiculously satisfying pop music.  RIDICULOUS.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Ben (MJ & Crispin Glover cover):  Another old cover.  And yes, sure, it's a Michael Jackson song, but they do the correct thing here:  IT WAS CRISPIN HELLION GLOVER THAT MADE THIS SONG THE TRUE CLASSIC FOR ALL AGES.
Fuck yes Ben, we love you.

Ozomatli - Are You Ready
Ozomatli - Gay Vatos In Love
Ozomatli - It's Only Paper:  this album was a shock!  It's kind of all over the place, but firmly rooted in summer feel-good vibes.  In the beginning being a bit like a poppy take on The Very Best, the album is a mix of sunshiney tunes for fans of mid-90s Sublime and Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Festival rock fiesta.

Poirier - Let Them Hate ft YT (Mungo's Hi-Fi Remix):  I feel somehow unCanadian for not gushing over it, given all of the surrounding hype and praise, but I don't like the new Poirier album. 
But I do love Mungo's Hi-Fi.  Love them to death!  And they slid in a fantastic remix on to the deluxe edition of the Poirier album that's almost worth the price of admission alone.

Rosie and Me - Bonfires:  Adorable camp-fire folk!  Nuff said.  From the new Bird and Whale EP.  OK, now nuff said.

STS - The People:  And this is the point where I'm just done with words.  Uhhh fun hiphop?  OK!  Biting Lil' Wayne, but ahh well. 

Switch vs Ms. Thing - Love Guide:  Back when I first heard Switch, before the days of fidget house and blog house, Switch were putting out some crazy innovative sounds.  This is like a return to that heyday when their productions were super exciting and testing exciting new dancefloor boundaries.  Hell yes.

The Concretes - Good Evening:  Ooooo!  New stuff from The Concretes!  I am not super amped by the constant kick drum, but oh how I missed her dreamy voice...

Vijay Iyer Trio - Galang (Trio Riot Version) (M.I.A. cover):  This is a pretty fucking momentous jazz album.  "Historicity" is here to kick your jazz hipster ass.
But it's not for beginners.  This is no Herbie Hancock, no In A Silent Way.  So here's the most easily approached song, a rework of M.I.A.'s Galang for the upright-bass riot squad. 
How awesome is this?  If you are a modern jazz fiend, this album will warm your socks.


Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson cover)
Anni Rossi - Machine (live on MOKB radio)
Brasstronaut - Six Toes
Caballo & TMFK - Breathe
Crystal Fighters - I Love London
Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Xtra loud Mix)
Health - Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak Rmx)
Josh Ritter - The Curse
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Marchin' In
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Ben (MJ & Crispin Glover cover)
Ozomatli - Are You Ready
Ozomatli - Gay Vatos In Love
Ozomatli - It's Only Paper
Poirier - Let Them Hate ft YT (Mungo's Hi-Fi Remix)
Rosie and Me - Bonfires
STS - The People
Switch vs Ms. Thing - Love Guide
The Concretes - Good Evening
Tremelo Audio - Rosita (Lucrecia Remake)
Tremor - Viajante (The Cumbia Cosmonauts Remix)
Vijay Iyer Trio - Galang (Trio Riot Version) (M.I.A. cover)

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  1. thx - yet another great mix, often new groups to me, some I head out to look for more. Chatting w my dental hygienist about our new iPhones, how we love all the tunes we have, so passed on your blog to her

  2. thank you, more dental hygienists should be following this blog.