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MP3 blog 2010/06/13

blog 2010/06/13 - things will tumble tumble tumble and I always land on a pillow

CALLmeKAT - Do Your Trick
CALLmeKAT - Flower In The Night:  Jazzy pop can be a hard field to distinguish oneself in, simultaneously avoiding the 90s triphop trap and the adult contemporary crooner snoozebox.
The lively-yet-muted instrumentals here add something new to the ouvre, and allow them to stake some slightly new sonic territory, thus allowing your hipster-defenses to lower long enough to get into the groove.

- Blowing Out A Match:  A great little nugget of ambient glitch, from the new split with Hunted Creatures.

Fat Acid - Jacqueline:  It starts innocently enough, but this track is a jazz stormer with a fabulous subbass that you need to crank to appreciate.

James Blake - CMYK:  Funky mutant breakbeat, the way it should be!  What does a girl have to do to get more future funk like this in a post-dubstep world where everyeone else is abusing distortion plug-ins?

Japandroids - Press Corps:  A throwback to the 2007 "All Lies EP", which I dug out while pining for the new Japandroids releases later this year.

Mark Feldman And Sylvie Courvoisier - Double Windsor:  When I was a wee one, I stumbled on the marvelous world of Tzadik through a well-curated used CD bin.  This of course meant that all of the first releases I ever heard were the most difficult and least fun of the batch.  That prepped me for years of compulsively tracking down this imprint, and it's Japanese predecessor Avant.
The relatively new Key series has proven to be filled with winners, and this new album "Oblivia" is no exception.  The improvisations for piano and violin are totally captivating and refuse to give you scronk when further detail would suffice.
And hey, you might even remember Mark Feldman as the famous violinist who recorded the eternal string tracks of They Might Be Giant's ISTANBUL, as well as popping up as a studio musician on other TMBG albums and projects.

MF Doom & Clutchy Hopkins - Impending Doom:  This ducks back to 2006, with The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins, and him dropping some breaks over the high-water-mark rhymes of MF Doom.

Oval - Ah!:  Muddy "look at me I bought Max/MSP" Oval of last decade is gone.  Here is a fantastic new and shiny Oval, merging a lifetime of IDM sensibilities with some SEXY-ASS late-90s style Tortoise instrumentation and tension play.
Fuck yes.  The new album is simply "O", and I really hope it's all this blissfully good.

School Of Seven Bells - Chain (Seefeel Extraction)
School Of Seven Bells - My Cabal:  Another temporal digression!   These are from last year's "My Cabal" EP.  First off, fucking SEEFEEL!  I love love love Seefeel, as some of my mixes might reveal.  I can't think of anyone better to take this loopy psych vocal goop and work it over.
And "My Cabal"...   OK, I always pronounced it CAH-BAHL.  Not Cay-bull.  You know, like the video game with the circle you'd roll?  CAH-BAL.
Oh, how can I argue with you?  You're too cute!

Steven Page - What A Good Boy (Live at the Winnipeg Folk Festival):  So Mr. Page apparnetly did some candy up the nose and woah whine whine the Canadian press got all uppity and he split ways with the Barenaked Ladies.
Apparently, the split seems to have worked out amicably for both parties.  I guess they each get to do the classics?
But really, who else but Page could do the vox on a classic like THIS?

Surfer Blood - Swim (Allen Bickle of Baroness Remix):  Awww yeah, this is what I was waiting for.  I nice mildy-tweaked remix of Surfer Blood to make it that much more digestible.  It worked for Women, it worked for Panda Bear, and it can work here too.  Believe in it!

The Gertrudes - River:  It's like the Be Good Tanyas, except with a guy doing the lead!  Nice.

The Joy Formidable - The Last Drop:  I dropped 2 tracks from them on a prior blog release, but shit, how could I let this one sit around?  Damn amzing rock and or roll.

The Knocks - Blackout:  The world needs more songs about people getting far too intoxicated to remember relationship-altering heavy conversations.  OK OK I kid, but one more certainly doesn't hurt...
Or... does???? ooooooo

Title Fight - Symmetry
Title Fight - Youreyeah:  Yeah yeah yeah, I know I don't post a lot of stuff like this, but it's the rare release that really catches my ear.
Don't count me out entirely!  I grew up on Propagandhi and Crass and Cap'N Jazz and Fugazi just like you did!
From last year's album "The Last Thing You Forget".


CALLmeKAT - Do Your Trick
CALLmeKAT - Flower In The Night
DSMiller - Blowing Out A Match
Fat Acid - Jacqueline
James Blake - CMYK
Japandroids - Press Corps
Mark Feldman And Sylvie Courvoisier - Double Windsor
MF Doom & Clutchy Hopkins - Impending Doom
Oval - Ah!
School Of Seven Bells - Chain (Seefeel Extraction)
School Of Seven Bells - My Cabal
Steven Page - What A Good Boy (Live at the Winnipeg Folk Festival)
Surfer Blood - Swim (Allen Bickle of Baroness Remix)
The Gertrudes - River
The Joy Formidable - The Last Drop
The Knocks - Blackout
Title Fight - Symmetry
Title Fight - Youreyeah

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