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MP3 blog 2010/06/30

blog 2010/06/30 - and here's where the gushing becomes a trickle.

I warned you, didn't I?  Oh I told you good!
Things are slowing down for the summer because I have some ish to take care of.
I hope you've been saving up the updates, like a tree full of delicious acorns.  Tucking them away for when you need them most?
No?  Well lucky you all of the old updates are still online, and you can always dive back in to the 2009 ones you might not have heard yet either.

I WILL NOT LET YOU STARVE THIS SUMMER.  But you have to learn to help yourself.

Be Your Own Pet - We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol:  Totally addictive rock, and pretty much the best song title ever.

Beth Orton - Comfort of Strangers (with M Ward):  This is one of my favourite dynamic folk exchanges.  Not since Scout Niblett got Will Oldham on the track Kiss has the differences in timbres been so damn enthralling.  I just wish M Ward got more mic time.

Bob Sinclar - Love You No More ft Shabba Ranks (Chuckie Remix):  You'll instantly recognize that guitar pluck from Manu Chao, and your suspions are concerned bat the French singing/speaking.  Toss in some SHABBA shouts?  Sure, ok!  OK OK, total bigroom cheese, but it's got charm.

Clark - Outside Plume:  From 2009's album "Totems Flare", and this is probably my favourite of the bunch.  At first you think it's going to be another entry in to the post-dubstep world, with that slight steppiness and solid bass slam.  But it doesn't stay content with it builds towards the 3 minute mark and unleashes a flurry of classic IDM headfuck business.  Incredible!

Clogs - Last Song ft Matt Berninger
Clogs - The Owl of Love ft Shara Worden
Clogs - To Hugo:   What kind of insular orgy is abound here?  There is a galaxy of planets swirling around the likes of The National and Sufjan Stephens, and they are all colliding and spitting out brilliant balls of unfounded earth.
The Clogs new album "The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton" was birthed from that too-bright-to-look scene and the mass has formed in to something entirely new and promising.  There are recognizeable elements that point to where it came from, but this album is more challenging than it's predecessors, and it might ultimately prove more rewarding.
Sometimes the universe creates things that seem divine, even though we know it's just worlds colliding.

Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix):  Yes yes Deadmau5 is cheese incarnate, but this is Caspa on the reins we're talking about.  He can take a cliched ravey vox and whip it in to a respectable downbeat stormer.

I Blame Coco ft Robyn - Caesar (Diplo Remix):  If anyone gets Roby and Diplo to guest on their track, I will drool all over it.  Guaranteed.

Isan - 64 Fire Damage
Isan - Catgot:  NEW ISAN!  Yaaaaay!  "Glow In The Dark Safari Set" is fresh for 2010 and has some incredible songs.
If you are a fan of Isan, Morr Music and the like, it's a must-have.  For me it's like the new Lali Puna.  6 really good songs, and a bit of filler.  But really, just buy the whole thing and delete the tracks you don't like.

Kanye West - Power:  I have to admit, I kind of really like this.  After M.I.A. ressurected Suicide for her new single, Kanye drops in some old garage rock as a quick drop.  Loving the fuzzed out chant beat.

Michael Morph ft Yo Majesty - Do What You Want:  After Club Action, it took me a while to find more Yo Majesty I was super digging, and this one fits that bill.  Bouncin'!

Pretty Lights - Sunday School:  The intro sounds like a depitched take on the sample RJD2 used on the track Rain, which of course makes me smile a bit.  But it doesn't hinge on that at all, quicky blasting off in to a Glitch Mob-styled heavy breakbeat blowout.  Toss in some Notorious, shake, and done.

School of Seven Bells - Babelonia:  New track out!!!!  I can't wait for the new album.  "Disconnect From Desire" is out soon, keep an ear out for it.

The Grates - Burn Bridges:  I imagine this group as wearing marching band costumes.

Xploding Plastix - Pretend You Owe Me Nothing
Xploding Plastix - Rattlechaser:  Back with some new material for 2010!  This "Devious Dan EP" is far better than their previous outing, but we are all waiting for a true return to form that was 2001's Amateur Girlfriends Go Pro-Skirt Agents.  The top tracks on the EP come close to evoking the drama and tension that we know they are capable of.  So in the meantime, just enjoy these dark, slinky numbers.  It's songs like this that make me wish I smoked.  It'd be more dramatic, y'know?  Just lounge back with a Parisian long brimmed circular hat on, lace glove clutching my cigarette holder, my either hand on a pearl-handled revolver.


Be Your Own Pet - We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol
Beth Orton - Comfort of Strangers (with M Ward)
Bob Sinclar - Love You No More ft Shabba Ranks (Chuckie Remix)
Clark - Outside Plume
Clogs - Last Song ft Matt Berninger
Clogs - The Owl of Love ft Shara Worden
Clogs - To Hugo
Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix)
I Blame Coco ft Robyn - Caesar (Diplo Remix)
Isan - 64 Fire Damage
Isan - Catgot
Kanye West - Power
Michael Morph ft Yo Majesty - Do What You Want
Pretty Lights - Sunday School
School of Seven Bells - Babelonia
The Grates - Burn Bridges
Xploding Plastix - Pretend You Owe Me Nothing
Xploding Plastix - Rattlechaser


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