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MP3 blog 2011/01/25

blog 2011/01/25 - oh owe my hands hurt.

Console - A Homeless Ghost
Console - Cutting Time.:  The latest album is Herself and does a pretty good job synthesizing all of the disparate Consoles audiences have loved them for over the past few years.  The smooth electro that got you grooving on Fourteen Zero Zero is here, the contemporary vocal pop is here, as is the IDM-ey emotional electronic soundscapes.
It all doesn't come together in a perfect way, but definitely worth checking out for fans of Console, Styrofoam, Ladytron, and modern synth music in general.

Fol Chen - In Ruins (Baths Remix):  The original was so over-the-top bouncey pop, the Baths are like a bucket of ice slid down it's back.  The original zest is all still there, but now buried under some chill-wave mid-range pumping distortion.  For 2011, I hope Yeasayer go Witch House.

Make The Girl Dance - Wall Of Death ft Solange La Frange (Sawagii Remix):  No no, not Beyonce's sister, a different Solange.  But still super awesome!  Love the yelping.  I love that the verses are all just yelping.  And it's always really good to explicitly state that this is indeed music for animals.

MGMT - Congratulations (Erol Alkan Rework):  This works perfectly.  The original was a somber Ween-esque meditation on aged success, but the tone fits oh so perfectly with this Todd Terje-styled beat.  Groove it.

Phoenecia - As Pergillus:  wow wow wow.  I am not sure how I missed it, but the 2009 album Echelon Mall is fucking mind blowing.
Remember when Xela made tear-inducing beautiful IDM, but then went all sound-art wank and now produces lofi noise tapes?  So many of the old IDM kiddos have gone that way, or in to vocal electro pop.
Phoenecia goes towards the Xela route, except the meticulous sound-art compositions here never waver in quality and depth.  These kick Ben Frost's shiny bum.  This album is so good, it is up there with O.S.T.'s masterpiece Seimlste.  Highly recommended for fans of dark soundscapes.

Radio Slave - I Don't Need a Cure For This (Kenny Larkin Remix):  Perennial favourite around here, Radio Slave has one of the highest ratios of killer to filler than any other Beatport-friendly artist I know of.  I have to say, I love the last few years of including random piano riffs sparsely in these deep house tracks.

Rusko - Hold On (Them Jeans Remix):  When Them Jeans are on the track, I always expect things to be a tad goofier, but they keep a straight face here and deliver a solid and deep bass track for this perfect pop track.  In my perfect world, this is what top 40 radio would play.

Scanners - Baby Blue (Egon Brainparts of Bossasaurus Remix):  Another nugget of epic pop brilliance, wrapped in a bass prosciutto.

The Dø - Dust It Off
The Dø - Too Insistent:  While I am not crazy about the new full length, the single Dust It Off EP is pretty pitch perfect.  Having discovered The DØ from the great Wildlilife remix I put on one of my mixes, I will definitely keep my ears pointed in their direction.  For fans of Metric and Säkert! and New Pornographers, for sure.

The Head and The Heart - Winter Song:  Gorgeous folk pop that is right up there with The Tallest Man On Earth and Iron & Wine, both for it's earnestness and it's melodic joys.

The Shins - Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix):  Sometimes all you need is to take an indie song and slap on a better bass beat....

World Inferno Friendship Society - Tattoos Fade:  There is a rollicking parlor rock feel to this song, but oh how I love the sentiment of the chorus even more.  Like Nick Drake meets Idiot Flesh.

Yuck - Georgia
Yuck - Holing Out
Yuck - Operation:  Their new self-titled album is bound to be one of the highlights of 2011, so get this album ASAP!
There is much entirely NEW here, but they mix in some of your fvaourites in new and exciting ways.  Dinosaur Jr., The Morning Benders, Best Coast and 90s grunge-era Sonic Youth are all referenced lovingly.  Highly recommended!


Console - A Homeless Ghost
Console - Cutting Time.
Fol Chen - In Ruins (Baths Remix)
Make The Girl Dance - Wall Of Death ft Solange La Frange (Sawagii Remix)
MGMT - Congratulations (Erol Alkan Rework)
Phoenecia - As Pergillus
Radio Slave - I Don't Need a Cure For This (Kenny Larkin Remix)
Rusko - Hold On (Them Jeans Remix)
Scanners - Baby Blue (Egon Brainparts of Bossasaurus Remix)
The Dø - Dust It Off
The Dø - Too Insistent
The Head and The Heart - Winter Song
The Shins - Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix)
World Inferno Friendship Society - Tattoos Fade
Yuck - Georgia
Yuck - Holing Out
Yuck - Operation

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