Monday, January 3, 2011

Musique Electronique Norvegienne (1968)

Musique Electronique Norvegienne (1968)

Dedicated to Continuo's, one of the best blogs out there, who I think at one point requested a good rip of this album.

A1. Arne Nordhheim - Epitaffio
pour orchestre et bande magnetique
Direction: Herbert Blomstedt

A2. Herbert Blomstedt - Response 1
pour deux groupes de percussions et bande magnetique
Per NYHAUG et Per Erik THORSEN, percussions

B1. Alfred Janson - Canon
pour orchestre de chambre et bande magnetique
Astri HERSET, soprano
Willy ANDRESEN, piano
Kare KOLBERG, orgue
Bjorn Jon JOHANSEN, saxophone
Knut GUETTLER, contrebasse
Per Erik THORSEN, percussion
Direction: Sverre BRULAND

B2. Bjorn Fongaard - Galaxy
pour trois guitares electroniques en quarts de tons
Bjork FONGAARD, guitares

1968, Prospective 21 Siecle
836.896 DSY

Ripped by CPI
Encoded at 320kbps
download Musique Electronique Norvegienne


  1. Hi, Caitlin. What a wonderful present, thanks a lot. Downloading right now. If your copy is in better shape than mine, I'll send my readers towards your post for download.
    All the best for the new year.

  2. ha! you & continuo would be acquainted. well done! and a special thanks for this one - i have had so far only the nordheim side courtesy of another kind collector whose record was damaged on the other side.
    alfred venison
    (an edmontonian canuck in queen elizabeth's australia)

  3. I want to thank you 1000 times . I have this lp since the 70's and I used it a lot , so it is now definitely scratched . I remember specially "GALAXY" ( Bjorn Fongaard) for this rare guitar creativity. So I am waiting to enjoy this music once again after so many years . Thanks a lot! Ayis Kelpekis