Friday, March 11, 2011

MP3 blog 2011/03/11

blog 2011/03/11 - it all just flows and flows and flows

OK, here's the deal.  We've been dealing with some flooding issues, and that is on top a crazy work schedule.
Also, Wisconsin Republican assholes have been union-busting and destroing their fucking state for the sake of corporate greed.
And Japan has a 8.9 magnitude earthquake.
And a coworker of mine was murdered this morning by what is (assumed to be) a spurned (ex?)husband.

As such, there will be no commentary today.

Not that the commentary matters at all, it's usually just me using the same adjectives in a pathetic manner.
This blog is always about the music.  Fuck music bloggers and their idea that they are somehow relevant.
And really, you should just trust me.

Have yourself a weekend.


Bassnectar - Magical World ft Nelly Furtado
Baths - Somerset
Chief - Night & Day
Cloud Nothings - All The Time
Cloud Nothings - Heartbeat
Cloud Nothings - Nothing's Wrong
Conquering Animal Sound - Tracer
Dark Dark Dark - Celebrate
Fleet Foxes - False Knight On The Road
Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
Flying Lotus - I Feel Like Dying ft Lil Wayne
James Blake - Air & Lack Thereof
Natural Snow Buildings - The Waves Of The Random Sea
Pete And The Pirates - Mr Understanding
Pete And The Pirates - Winter 1
Pink Floyd - Time (Pretty Lights Remix)
Radiohead - Separator
Rae Spoon - There is a light, but it's not for everyone (acoustic)
The Donkeys - Don't Know Who We Are
tUnE-yArDs - Bizness
When Saints Go Machine - Let Me Love You For Tonight (Kariya Cover)

Things that are digusting:  massive death.  union busting.  total physical exhaustion.  sick beats:

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