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MP3 blog 2011/03/30

blog 2011/03/30 - omg how did I bruise the top of my feet?

Yes, I bruised the top of my feet.  OWIE.
That means it hurts to wear shoes...

Airbird - Part Of The Game:  Slurpy chillwave loves you sooooooooo mmmmmuuuuuuuccchhhhh  and wants to give you a bit wet sloppy kiss in slow motion!

Angel Stoxx - The Sound of My Voice:  Yesssss my favourite clicky minimal sexiness!

Baby Dee - Yapapipi:  Always seemingly two bars away from becoming a MASSIVE power ballad, this Vangelis-inspired piano number from the album "Regifted Light" would fit perfectly over a montage of two lovers in separate cities making themselves tea and staring out the window waiting for fate to hear their desperate silent stares.

Bad Rabbits - Can't Back Down:  This kind of electro-squelch funk is the Prince copycatting that I always expected from bands like Chromeo.  Prince's tiny shoes are tough to fill, and yay, this song kicks the right grooves.

D&C - Raise It Right:  Has that barnroom stomp production that Sleigh Bells popularized, but whistful vocals that are part Concretes, part garage-fuzzed Florence.

Deaf Center - Divided
Deaf Center - Hunted Twice:  Owl Splinters features some gorgeous moods on it, and will be essential to anyone in to Richard Skelton or the Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto collabs.  i.e. a fabulous mix of acoustic instruments and sensuous digital treatments.

Devotionals - Chest Like Expansive Wings:  Shades of Dirty Three, but with a stronger roots/folk influence.  Taken from their self-titled album.

Enya - A Day Without Rain (Dntel Mix)
Enya - One By One (Dntel Mix)
Enya - To Go Beyond (Dntel Mix):  DNTEL release a bootleg remix album, with the requisite "OMG I LOVE YOU PLEASE DON'T SUE ME" boilerplate and all.  Enya fans will totally dig all there is to be had.  Dntel fans will find a number of loveable nuggets of electro-light.

Gianna Lauren - Become What You Can't Be:   Epically emotive folk from the album "Some Move Closer, Some Move On" with some of the most blissful lulling horns I've heard all month.

GodWrath - Heart vs. Mind:  hardcore/metal from Israel, from the album "Immersed In Flames".  I have a thing for hardcore female vocals.

Gregory And The Hawk - Over and Over:  Off the new album Leche, I do love the folk with the shouty vocal breakdowns, yay!

Inlets - In Which, I, Robert:  A little bit debonaire, a little bit empassioned, and all sorts of baroque rock goodness going on here.  From the album Inter Arbiter, for fans of Parenthetical Girls (see below) for sure.

Parenthetical Girls - The Pornographer:  From the EP "Privilege, pt. III: Mend & Make Do", a taste of baroque rock and grittier Patrick Wolf with a little taste of Grinderman for good measure.

Telonius - I Do:  Nice little deep plodder with some roots-folk vocals and sampled guitar on top.

The Dodos - Black Night
The Dodos - Don't Stop:  Woah, the new Dodos album is amazing!  So far so good.  And this is from someone who really didn't like their 2nd album.  Very much recommended.  I've only given it 2 listens, but am eagerly awaiting more.


Airbird - Part Of The Game
Angel Stoxx - The Sound of My Voice
Baby Dee - Yapapipi
Bad Rabbits - Can't Back Down
D&C - Raise It Right
Deaf Center - Divided
Deaf Center - Hunted Twice
Devotionals - Chest Like Expansive Wings
Enya - A Day Without Rain (Dntel Mix)
Enya - One By One (Dntel Mix)
Enya - To Go Beyond (Dntel Mix)
Gianna Lauren - Become What You Can't Be
GodWrath - Heart vs. Mind
Gregory And The Hawk - Over and Over
Inlets - In Which, I, Robert
Parenthetical Girls - The Pornographer
Telonius - I Do
The Dodos - Black Night
The Dodos - Don't Stop

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