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MP3 blog 2011/04/08

blog 2011/04/08 - digging mass from the depths and letting it run through your fingers

Alain Johannes - Return To You:  Oh here is a great way to begin, with some darn near ecstatic folkpop sounding like a joyous Chris Garneau, off his album "Spark".  Do I detect a bit of Bowie on his breathe?  Oh wait, here comes the scat breakdown!

Big Freedia - Azz Everywhere:  I don't know how I've lived so long without NOLA SISSY BOUNCE MUSIC in my life.  Fuck yeah.  Check this out, and the Sissy Nobby below.  Totally banging.   Required for every party jam you throw, k?

Burial - Street Halo:  Burial is back with a new full length for 2011, and here's the first single out.  It isn't much of a revelation beyond his earlier work, but it has a definite Four Tet plodding influence that I quite like and will make it easier to stick here there and everywhere.

Crystal Castles - Celestica (Alcala's Ambient Reprise):  The CC hard synth pop gets totally washed out, and just the melody sits here like a cloudy haze after a night of too many cuddle puddles by the bass bins.    purrrrrrfect.

Diamond Rings - Something Else:  From the album "Special Affections", the love for Patrick Wolf is readily apparent and celebrated instead of hidden.  But this is also the kind of preening pop that would have been incredibley successful in the 70s.  So happy to have that swing back around.

Dirty Gold - California Sunrise:  This one is from the Hidden Treasure EP and it oh so dreamy and happy and sweet.  Basically, what it says on the tin.

DM Stith - I Heart Wig ft I Heart Lung:  Instrumental band drone from the 2009 record Braid of Voices.  I have a thing for drone pieces with avant-jazz drumming.

Dressy Bessy - This May Hurt (A Little):  ANOTHER throwback, this time from the self-titled 2003 album.  I needed a pick me up so I dug out the old Dressy Bessy and oh it made everything better.  For fans of that dog. and writing about dating in longhand in a hidden journal.

Glasser - Plane Temp:  If all indie girl pop had a stronger Seefeel influence like this, I would not complain.  From last year's album Ring.

John Legend & The Roots - Our Generation ft Pete Rock & CL Smooth (J.Period Remix):  New bit of feelgood hiphop for everyone, riffing off the classic Pete Rock beat.

Parts & Labor - A Thousand Roads
Parts & Labor - Rest:  The new albums is called Constant Future and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Like The National LP last year, it is a slow simmer of epic proportions that will just seep in to you on repeated listens. 
If you like Elbow, The National, or the last P&L album, but this one for sure.


Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em (Kingdom Remix):  The indie pounding of Sleigh Bells is perfectly mellowed out to bubbley breakbeats and snaps.

The Gay Blades - Try To Understand:  All of the over-the-top rockjoy of a big ska band (horns and all) with the awesomest name of the week.  Rock on, Gay Blades.

The Hundred In The Hands - Gigantic Tom Tom:  Like Au Revoir Simone with snappier drums?  Super sweet.

Tune-Yards - Gangsta
Tune-Yards - My Country:  OK OK fine.  I won't use the wonky capitalization on her name, but I will include the stupid spaces.  The new album is "W H O K I L L". 
I only make this concession for one simple reason:  THIS ALBUM IS FUCKING AMAZING.  SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
All of the pop genius of earlier releases is refined and is exploding all over the place.  That lovely bedroom chopping aesthetic is a bit more muted, but still present.  and wholly shit, those HORNS. 
Fuck yes.

Young Galaxy - Queen Drum (Henning Remix):  OK I might have a bit of a crush on Young Galaxy.  All of the remixes so far have been exceptionally swoon-worthy as well.


Alain Johannes - Return To You
Big Freedia - Azz Everywhere
Burial - Street Halo
Crystal Castles - Celestica (Alcala's Ambient Reprise)
Diamond Rings - Something Else
Dirty Gold - California Sunrise
DM Stith - I Heart Wig ft I Heart Lung
Dressy Bessy - This May Hurt (A Little)
Glasser - Plane Temp
John Legend & The Roots - Our Generation ft Pete Rock & CL Smooth (J.Period Remix)
Parts & Labor - A Thousand Roads
Parts & Labor - Rest
Sissy Nobby - Spining Top
Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em (Kingdom Remix)
The Gay Blades - Try To Understand
The Hundred In The Hands - Gigantic Tom Tom
Tune-Yards - Gangsta
Tune-Yards - My Country
Young Galaxy - Queen Drum (Henning Remix)

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