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MP3 blog 2011/04/14

blog 2011/04/14 - Not even the chronic pain of the working world can despair our thoughts

Hey their cats and kittens, if you're bored and looking for something to shimmy to this weekend, check me out at Barrymore's on Friday:

Also next week I am starting a quarterly series of noise and experimental live music:
Pitch Black:

But now, on to the goods...

Blue Hawaii - Blue Gowns:  A vocal styling with a delicous nod to the Dirty Projectors, from the LP "Blooming Summer"

Carissa's Wierd - Die:  Just basically quality pop rock duo fun.

Does It Offend You, Yeah - Pull Out My Insides:  The brand spanking new album is "Don't Say We Didn't Warn You" and well, I'm not really in to it, but that was kind of the expectation going in.  Hold the nose, dive down, find the one or two awesome singles, and get out.  And here we are.

Elbow - Lippy Kids
Elbow - Open Arms:  FUCKING AWESOME.  If you like last year's album by The National, or this year's Parts & Labor, or Elbow's past releases, really or any of that stuff, this will slot perfectly in to that part of your dopamine-producing brain parts and just make happy squirts all of the place.   The kind of pensive melancholia where you really really enjoy your stay.  "Build a Rocket Boys!" is the name and this one is HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Jogger - Biss:  Big up to a blog reader who posted this on the mp3 blog facebook wall.  2009's This Great Pressure has a number of great tracks that mix that IDM studio sensibility with a full dark rock ensemble pop feel.  A few gems to be found within.  Dig back to blog20100203 where we posted another one of their tracks as well.

Melodica, Melody & Me - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Paul Simon cover):  How can I resist adorable covers from Simon's Graceland?   Just in time for the 25 year annivesary...

Menomena - Dirty Cartoons:  I guess I am on epic indie rock kick these days?  This gorgeous piece is from 2010's album Mines.

Mexicans With Guns - Obsidian (Mux Mool Remix):  OK!  Back with some BEATS!  Some roly poly videogame beats, nonetheless.

Mutual Benefit - Desert Island Feeling:  ...and back with the affected indie rock!  haha, had you there for a second.  The whole "desert island feeling" is as potent of a phrase to me as "rainbow connection".  From the 2010 album Spider Heaven.  Haven't heard it yet, but this tracks is super promising.

Parenthetical Girls - Someone Else's Muse
Parenthetical Girls - Young Throats:  From EPs Privilege parts 1 and 2!  You really have to get in to his voice, people!  But if you like Chris Garneau or Patrick Wolf, consider them stepping stones to this indulgence.

Radiohead - Little By Little
Radiohead - Morning Mr. Magpie:  King Of Limbs is the best thing they've done in a number of year, imho.  The influence of the solo projects now sinks back in to band form for a slow burning groove that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Expect requisite remixes by Burial, Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar and Ricardo Villabos...

Stephan Mathieu - Minuet:  Brand new for 2011, A Static Place is an ambient record of precision.  5 tracks, 10 minutes each except for one that is 20.  And I mean exactly.  So 1 hour of shimmering ambience that a Laraaji fan could totally just slurp up.  Heavy reverbed classical instrumentation and good vibes all around.  One of the best total ambient records of the year.

Why? - Bezerkley (Amp Live Remix):  Amp Live has done some hot pop culture cutups, but the Why? remix album had a few more near-misses than direct hits.  This track being a big exception.  All of the reasons we adore Amp Live are here, with enough of the best bits that make us swoon for Why? being tossed around with.

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks (Teen Daze Remix):  Oh wait, did I mention I am in love with Young Galaxy?   I really hope these hot-shit remixes keep coming out, as they add amazing new layers to an already excellent release.


Blue Hawaii - Blue Gowns
Carissa's Wierd - Die
Does It Offend You, Yeah - Pull Out My Insides
Elbow - Lippy Kids
Elbow - Open Arms
Jogger - Biss
Melodica, Melody & Me - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Paul Simon cover)
Menomena - Dirty Cartoons
Mexicans With Guns - Obsidian (Mux Mool Remix)
Mutual Benefit - Desert Island Feeling
Parenthetical Girls - Someone Else's Muse
Parenthetical Girls - Young Throats
Radiohead - Little By Little
Radiohead - Morning Mr. Magpie
Stephan Mathieu - Minuet
Why - Bezerkley (Amp Live Remix)
Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks (Teen Daze Remix)

There will be blood and fun and all of these things and we will still carry on until we can carry on no more.

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