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MP3 blog 2011/06/09

blog 2011/06/08 - that screeching sound tearing at your insides is progress!

Acid Pauli - Gefaellt Mir:  It's been a while since I dropped some sexy electro house, so here's a hot piano-riffing number from Smaul 11.  Wonderful progressive electro.

Alexi Murdoch - Blue Mind:  From Time Without Consequence in 2006, this song has a hypnotice roots folk that combines the wonderfully lush Iron & Wine with the plodding Bill Callahan, to great effect.

Baths - The Nothing:    Baths drop a new single!  And the crowds go wild!

Blue Sky Black Death - Our Hearts Of Ruin
Blue Sky Black Death - Where Do We Go:  Noir is the new album and it is quite amazing.  The quality levels have been cranked up and here is some downtempo to rival even the storied productions of Bonobo.  Kudos to them for sampling Windmills In Your Mind, but alas that doesn't pan our perfectly.  But the ones that do hit, hit oh so hard.  Highly recommended for downtempo and chillout fans worldwide.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - Island Brothers:  Mr. Bonnie drops a new single of sing-a-long drinkin' twang on us!

Christian AIDS - Fever:  Dreampop meets witchhouse and returns home to electro pop.  From the Life Before Death EP.

Earth - Descent To The Zenith:  I never heard it last year, so here is my first exposure to 2010's Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1.  This is the Earth I've come to expect, that salient cross between Dirty Three and a slightly perking Bohren Und Der House Of Gore.  Smooth chillin'.

Geographer - Kites:  Gleefully fae electro pop!  MY FAVES!

Grouper - Alien Observer:  Grouper are back with their most delightfully sing-songy album yet!  Song structure!  Vocals!  Not just piles o reverb!  New album is "A I A : Alien Observer"

Grouplove - Gold Coast:  Never heard this band before, but some great radio friendly poprock.

Junip - Always (Prefuse 73 Remix):  Jose Gonzalez gets an immaculate rework from Prefuse 73 that owes more to Amon Tobin's latest album than anything else.  I am lovely the new movement of delicately crafted artbass coming up.

Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge 2.0 ft Lil Wayne:  Ignore the mix of this that actually has Busta on it, this is banger right here.

Parov Stelar - Diamonds:  Saxophones and house.  4evah.  and evah.

Sgt. Sass - Bang Out
Sgt. Sass - Jerk ft Sugur Shane:  Hot tracks from the new Art Fggt/Fggt Art EP!  Rides a fine line between Beans-esque tonal MCing and enough sassy faggotry to make it all work.

Vladislav Delay Quartet - Des Abends
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Presentiment:  Time for a thought experiment, if you will.  Imagine Colin Stetson teaming up with Pan Sonic and special guests Bohren & Der Club Of Gore.  Now manifest that in the form of one of the world's most experienced veteran experimental dub producers.  OK, now go change your underwear.  This new self titled album is a fucking mindstorm of genius.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  One of my top 3 experimental albums of the year so far, by far, forever.


Acid Pauli - Gefaellt Mir
Alexi Murdoch - Blue Mind
Baths - The Nothing
Blue Sky Black Death - Our Hearts Of Ruin
Blue Sky Black Death - Where Do We Go
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & The Cairo Gang - Island Brothers
Christian AIDS - Fever
Earth - Descent To The Zenith
Geographer - Kites
Grouper - Alien Observer
Grouplove - Gold Coast
John & Beverly Martyn - John The Baptist
Junip - Always (Prefuse 73 Remix)
Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge 2.0 ft Lil Wayne
Parov Stelar - Diamonds
Sgt. Sass - Bang Out
Sgt. Sass - Jerk ft Sugur Shane
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Des Abends
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Presentiment

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