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MP3 blog 2011/08/02

blog 2011/08/02 - taking you all with me as everything fails

Beirut - East Harlem
Beirut - Goshen
Beirut - The Peacock:  BEST ALBUM OF 2011 SO FAR.  NUFF SAID.

Breakbot - Fantasy ft Ruckazoid (Video Village Remix):  Stripped down Michael Jackson pop grooves.  Surprising restraint for ultimate seduction effect.

Cass McCombs - The Lonely Doll:  Sedate campfire folk, "Wit's End" stays true to 70s melodic folk.  It's not quite grabbing me, but this track is a winner.

Friends - Friend Crush (Phone Tag Mix):  The vocalist reminds me of the woman from The Concrets, but with some more uptempo sleepy beats.

Hospital Ships - Love or Death:  This track reminds me of the old 90s "Alternative" comps on DGC.  It's dripping with nostalgia of that era where Weezer were emerging and Flaming Lips went pop, and perfectly done.

Jill Barber - A Wish Under My Pillow:  It's hard to hear ukulele without thinking "hipster cliche", but oh when that oboe comes in you know she is totally sincere and fully committed to the astute charms of a century ago.  New album is "Mischievous Moon", but I haven't heard it all yet.

Jürgen Müller - Sea Bed Meditation:  From the new album "Science of the Sea", we have so lo-fi computer xylophone ambience action.

Man Man - Dark Arts
Man Man - Knuckle Down:  Life Fantastic is no Six Demon Bag, but hey, nothing else is and will ever be again, so let's get over it.  It doesn't grab me entirely, but 50% of it is exactly what you are looking for, so def pick it up if you are a fan.

Mitten - All That I've Got:  Bouncy electro pop from "See You Bye".

Octane & DLR ft TMT - Red Tape:  Hot on the heels of the crunchy bass of Eskmo and Amon Tobin, we have a new wave of mutant dubstep I hereby dub: bassfetish.

O'Death - Howling Through
O'Death - Pushing Out:  With a name like O'Death, you'd expect pure and traditional folk.  It covers some of that territory, but slips in to some slightly more frenetic and poppy sounds ala The Dodos as well.  The new album Outside is pretty darn swell.

Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind ft Tyler, The Creator:  I am just waiting for Tyler to come out with the dopest album of 2012 just called "Cocksucker", with his mug smiling on the cover and all like "WHAT!"

Rhys Chatham - Outdoor Spell:  The new album Outdoor Spell is hypnotic and enchanting, but in a totally beguiling way that is a vast departure from the Branca-ian guitars of past.  Highly recommended for fans of avant jazz and Terry Riley.

Sleep 8 Over - Casual Diamond:  Whispy nighttime lullaby sleeptown pop grind.

The Irrepressibles - Forget The Past:  OK, for certain this is for fans of Antony & The Johnsons.  And I like to think the lyrics are "Nomi!  Nomi!".

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed:  Indie dreampop, from the new LP "Within and Without".


Beirut - East Harlem
Beirut - Goshen
Beirut - The Peacock
Breakbot - Fantasy ft Ruckazoid (Video Village Remix)
Cass McCombs - The Lonely Doll
Friends - Friend Crush (Phone Tag Mix)
Hospital Ships - Love or Death
Jill Barber - A Wish Under My Pillow
Jürgen Müller - Sea Bed Meditation
Man Man - Dark Arts
Man Man - Knuckle Down
Mitten - All That I've Got
Octane & DLR ft TMT - Red Tape
O'Death - Howling Through
O'Death - Pushing Out
Pusha T - Trouble On My Mind ft Tyler, The Creator
Rhys Chatham - Outdoor Spell
Sleep 8 Over - Casual Diamond
The Irrepressibles - Forget The Past
Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

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