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MP3 blog 2011/08/05

blog 2011/08/05 - because I've never really been one for procedure and measure.

First, a massive thanks goes out to: James B from Tokyo who sent me a wonderful little book by Maurizio Cattelan. 
If you don't know him, he's an Italian artist who creates some of the most hilarious artworks and can boast the craziest of accomplishments.
His career is basically a biting piss-take of the art world itself, but without the bitter cynicism and disdain of someone like Damien Hirst.
He has the diligence, practice and humour of Tom friedman with a flaunting merry prankster attitude. 
He is responsible for sculpting many dead horses, ana elephant under a blanket, forcing galleries to dig up their floors to display his work, forcing curators to dress up in bunny outfits to display his work, having meteorites hit the pope (and dude it Italian, yo), etc.
My favourite was when he hijacked the big-wigs from the Venice Bienalle and drove them to a garbage dump where he set up a full-size HOLLYWOOD sign above it, and then served a decadent feast of champagne and caviar. 
It even surpasses those guys in the 80s that did an exhibit that was basically racist and douchey, and then announced their return to the art world with a large sculpture that was just a large mirror covered in cocaine.
Cattelan.  You should all definitely check him out.

Anyways, back to the music.   And really, I think I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to release things on a Friday, but fuckit, yr on my time now.

Alex Winston - Locomotive (Jaybird Remix):  It might seem goofy, but I've been dropping SisterWife wherever I can, and it delights me to find more of her stuff getting the 21st century bass flip.

Andy Stott - Execution
Andy Stott - North To South:  CRANK THAT SUBWOOFER.  Holy shit people, I am not sure if it's an album or an EP, but the release "Passed Me By" is blowing my mind.
Gone are the days of abstract dub where you could just poop reverb on a click track.  This here is precise and gloriously dark and spooky.  Highly recommended.

Bellows - Handcut 05:  Remember back when you were making out in the basement and Denzel + Huhn's Time Is A Good Thing was on the hi-fi?  Those were good times, and you can dive in to that fuzzy nostalgia with this here new LP "Handcut".  Perfectly subtle in a way that will never bust its illusions, and wonderfully hypnotic.  Recommended for ambient and soundart fans.

Dirty Gold - Overboard
Dirty Gold - Quiet Life:  The Roar EP is a near-perfect nugget of pleasant indie rock.  I can't wait until a full length.

E-Dubble - Be A King:  MPC2000s are long gone, and now you can immediately hear when people are slapping default Beat Repeats on a track in Ableton, but still this track is hot.  And on PJ Harvey, no less!

Elite Gymnastics - Here, In Heaven 2
Elite Gymnastics - Omamori 2:  No, I won't write your stupid name with the extra stupid spaces.  Stupidface.
These are from the chopped and screwed version of the EP, same tracks, more fuckery.

Finley Quaye - Even After All:  This goes back like a decade and a half, but I just stumbled on it randomly.  So very subtle and ingeniously smooth.

Ghostface Killah & Max Tannone - Danger 500
Ghostface Killah & Max Tannone - Make It N.Y.:  Yes yes, Ghostface is a bit of a dick.   But he spits tight and the premise here really works.  Tannone flips Afro-Funk classics for a rambunctiously fun album.  Highly recommended if you like Wu-tang stylings and/or afro funk.

Iròi - Usual Pop Line (Populous Remix):  Electro pop needs more finger snaps~~!!!

J Mascis - Is It Done:  I STILL have not heard the new LP "Several Shades of Why", but I was passed this other track from the Dinosaur Jr. frontman and again, I am very impressed.  This guy will go on to be the next Neil Young.

J Rabbit - aMorejo:  Again, no idea what is going on here, but it's fucking beautiful.  The whole experience of it reminds me of the most heartfelt tracks from Pizzicato Five.

Phil Cook and His Feat - Ballad Of A Hungry Mother:  Nothing but smooth and gorgeous insturmental pickins....

Phoenecia - Frendano:  I barely remember Demissions...  but hey, we have an obvious trend.  If you were a turn-of-the-century IDM musician you either A)  gave up and had children  B)  started singing  or C)  started doing abstract sound scapes.
These are all rather awesome choices.

Seekae - Gnor:  Speaking of turn-of-the-century IDM...

Taylor Deupree - Journal:  And we'll leave you with someone who was never a turn-of-the-century IDM musician, and who has only ever given us the most blissful of soundscapes!  From the amazing new EP Journal.


Alex Winston - Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)
Andy Stott - Execution
Andy Stott - North To South
Bellows - Handcut 05
Dirty Gold - Overboard
Dirty Gold - Quiet Life
E-Dubble - Be A King
Elite Gymnastics - Here, In Heaven 2
Elite Gymnastics - Omamori 2
Finley Quaye - Even After All
Ghostface Killah & Max Tannone - Danger 500
Ghostface Killah & Max Tannone - Make It N.Y.
Iròi - Usual Pop Line (Populous Remix)
J Mascis - Is It Done
J Rabbit - aMorejo
Phil Cook and His Feat - Ballad Of A Hungry Mother
Phoenecia - Frendano
Seekae - Gnor
Taylor Deupree - Journal

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