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MP3 blog 2011/09/01

blog 2011/09/01 - welcome back to where you were before but now you're older and the magic is waning

Come on people, download, unzip, pop into your mp3 player and go! 
Simple.  :)

Björk - Virus (Them Jeans Remix):  Any DJ in the 90s will tell you, Bjork changed the game.  No other artist sought out remixes more ferociously than the Icelandic one, everything from downtempo to breakcore to house to ambient to techno etc etc etc it was all there in the million+1 limited edition 12"s.  So of course now is the time, as happens before all new Bjork albums officially come out, that the remixes flood over our naked bodies!

Blanck Mass - Chernobyl
Blanck Mass - Weakling Flier:  "Wall Of Casios" was often used to describe Wyndham Hill records, but the aesthetic has been giving voluminous chorus and reverb pedals, some lowend filters, and a "fuck you I'm the real Goblin" attitude.  I wasn't in to the album as a whole, but the new self titled record is a must for fans of Vangelis, arpeggiator psych, and new-age-with-attitude.

Coss - Burn It Down:  From the new 'Before I Awoke', this guy isn't opening up new territory, but more retreading familiar sounds in style.  For fans of that Rawkus sound.

Dillon Francis - Beautician 2.0:  Synths-ahoy!  This is the way I like my electro.  Clean, exceptionally produced, and full exposition of what one can do with a DAW.  These are the lessons of 8-bit video game music brought to fruition.

Eleanor Friedberger - My Mistakes
Eleanor Friedberger - Owl's Head Park:  Yes, the voice does sound familiar!  IT IS INDEED the woman from Fiery Furnaces, and she's still as quirky as ever.  Like this year's PJ Harvey album, you might not instinctively be drawn to it, but yields a pile of awesome.  OK, this is not quite as good as the Harvey album, but "Last Summer" is an achievement in modern oddball pop music.

Holy Other - Touch:  Dubstep slowed down a tad!

Icona Pop - Manners:  Hmmm sounds remarkably like Alex Winston! 

Lil B - Game
Lil B - Unchain Me:  So yeah, guy pisses off hiphop world by titling new album I'm Gay.  That's kind of funny.  And the response, of course, terrifying.  Dear angry hiphoppers:  fuck you douchebags.

Mexicans With Guns - Jaguar:  We dropped some MWG before, but besides that time this is my next favourite track off of Ceremony.  If you're a Buraka Som Siesta fan, this will definitely be up your alley.  Lots of electro, some great verses, a big hodge-podge of party-time.

Porcelain Raft - Talk To Me (Pierce & Pierce's Epilogue Remix):  Low and subtle, the way to go!

Sea Oleena - Southbound:  Gorgeous restrained pop.

The Jezabels - Endless Summer:  OMG total ecstatic indie rock.  From the new album Prisoner.

The Weeknd - Rolling Stone
The Weeknd - The Zone:  This group is really hit and miss.  Thursday is a bit more hit, but still I am only in to half the tracks.  Kudos for bringing something new to the table though.

Washed Out - Before:  Within And Without didn't really grab me except for a few tracks, and this is definitely one of my faves.


Björk - Virus (Them Jeans Remix)
Blanck Mass - Chernobyl
Blanck Mass - Weakling Flier
Coss - Burn It Down
Dillon Francis - Beautician 2.0
Eleanor Friedberger - My Mistakes
Eleanor Friedberger - Owl's Head Park
Holy Other - Touch
Icona Pop - Manners
Lil B - Game
Lil B - Unchain Me
Mexicans With Guns - Jaguar
Porcelain Raft - Talk To Me (Pierce & Pierce's Epilogue Remix)
Sea Oleena - Southbound
The Jezabels - Endless Summer
The Weeknd - Rolling Stone
The Weeknd - The Zone
Washed Out - Before

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