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MP3 blog 2011/09/15

blog 2011/09/15 -  hey, who wants an mp3 blog?

Hey.  Hey you.  Did you know a new mix is out?  Yes yes indeedy.  Check it, get it, spread it around...

CPI - Glittering, Waiting (chosen families 2),_Waiting.mp3
dreamer beats
67 minutes, 153 MB

01) The Residents - Temple of Dragan
02) Gilbert & George - Twisted And Aggressive
03) Discuss - One Thing In Its Right Place
04) Bjork - Who Is It (Bell Choir Mix)
05) Your Infamous Harp - You Are The You
06) Sofalofa - Block N Oar
07) Murcof - Como Quisiera Decirte (Remix)
08) Psapp - Calm Down
09) Baths - The Nothing
10) Tim Koch - Blue And Grey
11) Minotaur Shock - Repertor
12) Saycet - 15
13) Saycet - Daddy Walks Under the Snow
14) Nguzunguzu - Wake Sleep
15) Andy Stott - Execution
16) Ulrich Schnauss - Sunday Evening In Your Street
17) Porcelain Raft - Talk To Me (Pierce & Pierce's Epilogue Remix)
18) Alessandro Bosetti - Laida and Mikel looking for rhymes
19) Andrew Pekler - First Snow, Last Year
20) Sam Amidon - Relief
21) Saycet - We Walk Fast
22) Deru - I Want
23) Eraldo Bernocchi And Blackfilm - Bethnal Green,_Waiting.mp3

Why?  Because this mix was originally going to be much longer, but it got TOO LONG.  So I split it in to 2 conceptual sides.
The next part, chosen families 3, will be coming out in under 2 weeks, so digest this while you can.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, here's an mp3 blog to chew on.
I'm not feeling like using words AT ALL today, so I won't even feign it.  NO WORDS FOR YOU.  JUST MUSIC.  LA LA LA LA.


Beirut - O' Leaozinho
Blue Scholars - Hussein
Blue Scholars - Seijun Suzuki
Blue Scholars - Slick Watts
Doomstarks - Victory Laps
Esmerine - A Dog River
Funki Porcini - Orange Drop
Kangding Ray - Anthem
Kangding Ray - Mai
Little Dragon - Ritual Union
Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)
Niki & The Dove - The Fox
Oh No! Yoko - Go Alien
SBTRKT - Right Thing to Do
Team Me - Dear Sister
The Mountain Goats - Alibi
The Mountain Goats - Ox Baker Triumphant
Toasty - The Knowledge
Tribes - We Were Children
Zola Jesus - Seekir


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