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[BEST OF 2011] experimental/instrumental albums

blog 2011/12/08 - [BEST OF 2011] Best of instrumental and experimental albums

Let's get things started!  Wooot!

Experimental, contemporary instrumental, noise, classical, it's all here!  Why?  Well I generally listen to this stuff in a way separate from most pop music (i.e. contemporary song structure, usually with vocals).  Instead of focusing on genres, I am all about categorizing music on the CONTEXTS IN WHICH I UTILIZE IT.

For example:
Dance music and hiphop:  For the most part, I utilize these genres as a DJ and am purging mercilessly, which is why a lot of it does not make my best-of-2011, which focuses on COHESIVE ALBUMS.  Often my favourites will just get played at my gigs.
Pop music:  general listening, particularly in the car.
Experimental/instrumental:  I usually listehn to this stuff alone (because my wife's not too in to it,) and often with more specific focus.

I have assembled the playlist file in the post to descend from my favouritest, down.

1)  Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2; Judges
2)  Vladislav Delay Quartet - Debut
3)  Maps And Diagrams - The Town Beneath The Sea
4)  Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile - The Goat Rodeo Sessions
5)  Fourcolor - As Pleat
6)  Deaf Center - Owl and Splinters
7)  Balam Acab - Wander Wonder
8)  RxRy - A (Alpha)
9)  Ø - Heijastuva
10)  Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen - Uniko
11)  Kid Koala - Space Cadet
12)  Jim O'Rourke - Old News #5
13)  VA - Tasogare Live in Tokyo
14)  Natural Snow Buildings - Chants Of Niflheim
15)  Daniel Menche - Feral
16)  Field Rotation - Regenzeit 10
17)  Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer - In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes
18)  Cut Hands - Afro Noise 1
19)  Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan Yuen - Keep Your Hands
20)  Stephan Mathieu - A Static Place
21)  Stephan Mathieu - Remain
22)  Gianlucca Becuzzi - [In]visible Fields (2 CD)
23)  Reve Steich - Stunning for 18 Miles
24)  Being - Quiet Rain
25)  Vampillia - Alchemic Heart
26)  Bellows - Handcut
27)  Valerio Tricoli & Thomas Ankersmit - Forma II
28)  Loscil - Coast; Range; Arc
29)  Julianna Barwick - The Magic Place
30)  Earth - Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I

AND YES, the playlist is like 6 hours long.  For large works that are a single track, I have excerpted them to give a sense of what they are about.
Please listen deeply, and then go purchase your favourite releases from this list!


Balam Acab - Apart
Balam Acab - Oh, Why
Being - Partical Stream
Being - Quiet Rain (The Boats Remix)
Bellows - Traccia 01
Bellows - Traccia 05
Colin Stetson - A Dream Of Water
Colin Stetson - Judges
Cut Hands - Ezili Freda
Cut Hands - Welcome To The Feast Of Trumpets
Daniel Menche - Feral One
Deaf Center - Close Forever Watching
Deaf Center - New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)
Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan Yuen - Told Outloud Indoors
Earth - Descent To The Zenith
Field Rotation - Regenzeit
Fourcolor - Carmine Fall
Fourcolor - Quiet Gray 1
Gianlucca Becuzzi - For E.A.P
Jim O'Rourke - Detain The Man To Whom
Julianna Barwick - Cloak
Julianna Barwick - Envelop
Kid Koala - Main Title Theme (Open Your Book)
Kid Koala - Recyclotron (Page 110)
Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen - Uniko III. Sarma
Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen - Uniko VI. Emo
Loscil - Névé
Maps and Diagrams - Lorentzen
Maps and Diagrams - Ukiyo-e
Minamo - Live In Tokyo April 11 2010
Natural Snow Buildings - Chants Of Niflheim Part II
Ø - Heijastuva
Reve Steich - Stunning for 18 Miles (excerpt)
RxRy - Elipsis
RxRy - Stag
Stephan Mathieu - Remain (excerpt)
Stephan Mathieu - Schwarzschild Radius
Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer - In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes (excerpt)
Valerio Tricoli & Thomas Ankers - Zwerm Voor Tithonus
Vampillia - Sea (excerpt)
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Des Abends
Vladislav Delay Quartet - Santa Teresa

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