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MP3 blog 2011/12/06

blog 2011/12/06 - the end slithers in and we barely notice

This is it, people.  This is the last normal mp3 blog entry for the year.

Did you notice yesterday?  Did you?  Well I dropped the final and ultimate mix in the Chosen Families series.
I wish you had been paying attention.

But here it is again.  This is your chance.

CPI - Oh, Glorious Perversions (chosen families 4)

01) Ken Nordine - The Wet Stranger
02) Alva Noto - Argonaut (Version)
03) Telefon Tel Aviv - Sound In A Dark Room
04) Young Galaxy - We Have Everything (Adam & The Amethysts Remix)
05) Pawn - Morning Tone
06) Four Tet - This Unfolds
07) Lali Puna - Remember
08) Chew Lips - Slick
09) Purity Ring - Ungirthed
10) Run Toto Run - This Is A Lull
11) Alan Pownall - Colourful Day (Seams Remix)
12) No Ceremony - Hurtlove
13) Balam Acab - See Birds (moon)
14) CocoRosie - Werewolf
15) Zola Jesus - Sea Talk
16) Air France - It Feels Good To Be Around You
17) The xx - Islands (CHLLNGR Remix)
18) The Big Pink - Velvet (Mount Kimbie Remix)
19) Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix)
20) Jamie xx - Far Nearer
21) Sub Compression - When It All Comes Back (Vladimir Corbin & Peddy's Sunshine RMX)
22) Lali Puna - Out There ft Yukihiro Takahashi
23) Elbow - The Night Will Always Win
24) DNTEL - Rock My Boat ft Mia Doi Todd
25) Papercutz - Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Taylor Deupree Remix)
26) Sufjan Stevens - I Walked
27) The Memory Band - Green Glows The Laurel (John Hopkins Remix)
28) The Antlers - Shiva

And now, the rest of the blog...

Anna Rose - My Body Is A Cage:  Smooth folk with the meditativene sorry of Kate Bush.

Artist Unknown - Burn (Fear of Tigers Remix):  All hands up for the europop funtimes!

Beat Culture - Before You Go:  Happy pianos out in the ocean always need more breakbeats

Bonnie Prince Billy - We Are Unhappy:  The new album is Wolfroy Goes To Town, and yes, *SPOILER ALERT* he is still unhappy.

Field Rotation - Regenzeit II:  The gorgeous little Regenzeit 10 is a gem for fans of ambient/classical/minimalist lovers out there.

Hackney Colliery Band - No Diggity:  Funk cover of the classic.  Seriously good.

Jeffrey Lewis - I Got Lost
Jeffrey Lewis - Time Trades:  A Turn in the Dream-Songs might not grace the best of 2011 lists, but oh it deserves a listen from everone.  There are quaint hypnotic nuggests of truth to be had.  And for those that need him and for whose lives will be changed, Jeffrey Lewis will be essential.

MC Chris - MC Chris Is Back ft Jesse Dangerously:  Race Wars has some absurdly amusing skits, but the star of the show here is really the guest appearance by one Jesse Dangerously stealing the show and then not giving it back.

Nicolas Jaar - Don't Break My Love:  New single from Jaar to melt minds and somehow increase global sales of beanbag chairs.  So amazing.

Radical Face - Always Gold:  Total pop action!

Sandro Perri - How Will I?:  Impossible Spaces is sprawling and haunting, like a proggier Bill Callahan meets a less-sleazy Toro Y Mori.  Highly recommended.

Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me:  Finally, the post-dubstep generation rediscovers the horror that is Tommy!

Silver Swans - Secrets (Number Stations Remix):  The pop layer was perfect enough as it in, but hey, let's dump the drugs all over it and we got ourselves a new kind of party!

Slyy - Booze Crooze:  The scene is the members of Stomp are in a bar, one thing leads to another...

The National - Think You Can Wait:  Amazing track from the Exile Vilify single.  Stunning.  The perfect way to wind up the year.


Anna Rose - My Body Is A Cage
Artist Unknown - Burn (Fear of Tigers Remix)
Beat Culture - Before You Go
Bonnie Prince Billy - We Are Unhappy
Field Rotation - Regenzeit II
Hackney Colliery Band - No Diggity
Jeffrey Lewis - I Got Lost
Jeffrey Lewis - Time Trades
MC Chris - MC Chris Is Back ft Jesse Dangerously
Nicolas Jaar - Don't Break My Love
Radical Face - Always Gold
Sandro Perri - How Will I?
Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me
Silver Swans - Secrets (Number Stations Remix)
Slyy - Booze Crooze
The National - Think You Can Wait

Goodbye and we shall meet again:  http://thetastates.com/mp3s/blog/blog20111206.zip

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