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MP3 blog 2012/03/29

blog 2012/03/29 - last call at the bar for glowsticks and despair

Q-BOUNCE IS HAPPENING TOMORROW!  If you are near Ottawa, check it out:

Apparat Organ Quartet - 123 Forever (Robotaki Remix):  When you hear the unknowable term "electronica", this is what really should spring to all of our minds.  Gloriously happy electronic machines singing us to bliss before our hurried metallic executions.

Beach House - Myth:  I do not think the new album Bloom is out yet, but always good to have more Beach House for the springtime.

Bravestation - Signs Of The Civilized:  There is something SO 1980s about this song, like a it fell off the Lost Boys soundtrack, with it's steel drums and funk-light synth bass, mixed with not-quite-Peter-Gabriel-but-maybe-the-guy-who-sang-NeverEndingStory-vocals....  And yeah that's a good thing.

Brother Ali - Shine On ft Nikki Jean:  The new EP/album The Bite Marked Heart finds Ali a bit sentimental and moody.  He's got solid yet subdued beats and shining wordplay, but there are few moments of uplifting funk that crowned his prior album Us.  If there are any fans of The Roots that don't have a ?uestlove-shaped crush on Ali right now, this should bridge that gap.

CSLSX & I Break Horses - Violent Sea:  Smooth and chill and it feels like the instrumental version of an ecstatic pop song.  I almost wish there was another version where the vocals took the forefront, but wow this version is fine too.

CutOff! CutOff! - Icefield:  For such a chill plodding bass track, I'm shocked it's so short!  But I'll take it, regardless.

Ford & Lopatin - Emergency Room:  The vocals totally do it for me in that Max Tundra kinda way, and the bass might as well be Gary Numan, so we're all good here.  From the new release Channel Pressure.

M.I.A. - Bad Girls:  Probably my favourite MIA track in a long while!   Not a dancefloor stormer, but they don't need to be, either.  And the video is amazing.

Pretty Lights - We Must Go On:  Pretty indeed, you sexy pile o downtempo breakbeats!

Qluster - Nachts In Berlin 1:  The new album Antworten was a surpising find!  Consisting of what sounds like mostly solo piano, it is incredibley produced and so damn seductive.  If you buy only one contemporary piano album a year, this one should  (so far) be at the top of your list.

Shlohmo - (inside):  My Shlomo binge continues.  This track taken from "Fine, Thanks".

The Flaming Lips - Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die:  You know what sucked?  That stupid "Gummy Skull" idea.  You know what shockingly didn't suck?  The StroboTrip idea.  OK, so the crappy device isn't quite Gysin's Dream Machine, but the 3-track "EP" contains a 6 hour centerpiece that... well...  OK it's not so bad.  For 6 hours of continuous psychedelia, it's pretty darn satisfying.  And I'll probably listen to it more in my life that Kawabata Makoto's 8-volume private tape collection, so there's that.

The Mountain Goats - Dilaudid (Marrtronix Version):  Different mix of this classic, off the Dilaudid EP.  That release is for essentialists only

They Might Be Giants - Dirt Bike (Other Thing Brass Band version)
They Might Be Giants - Mr. Me (Other Thing Brass Band version):  2 classic TMBG tracks... now with BIG BRASS!  So so so amazing.

Xiu Xiu - Hi
Xiu Xiu - Hi (acoustic):  2 versions!  I couldn't help it, I love this song and couldn't choose one over the other.  New album, Always, out soon/now!

Young Man - Nothing:  Slow build pop grooves that are the perfect way to end this all!


Apparat Organ Quartet - 123 Forever (Robotaki Remix)
Beach House - Myth
Bravestation - Signs Of The Civilized
Brother Ali - Shine On ft Nikki Jean
CSLSX & I Break Horses - Violent Sea
CutOff! CutOff! - Icefield
Ford & Lopatin - Emergency Room
M.I.A. - Bad Girls
Pretty Lights - We Must Go On
Qluster - Nachts In Berlin 1
Shlohmo - (inside)
The Flaming Lips - Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die
The Mountain Goats - Dilaudid (Marrtronix Version)
They Might Be Giants - Dirt Bike (Other Thing Brass Band version)
They Might Be Giants - Mr. Me (Other Thing Brass Band version)
Xiu Xiu - Hi
Xiu Xiu - Hi (acoustic)
Young Man - Nothing

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