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MP3 blog 2012/05/03

blog 2012/05/03 - I just want to feel it all inside a plastic wrapping.

Blawan - Getting Me Down:  BOOM!  Start things off with some slamming awesomeness.

Charli xcx - Nuclear Seasons:  Big shiny pop isn't exactly a rare commodity these days, but this one is still lovely.

David’s Lyre - Hidden Ground (Drugs Remix):  The moody affected pop gets a kick drumming rework and experiences that Noah And The Whale effect:  uber drama songs get a xanax shaped rework.

Dictaphone - Au Botanique
Dictaphone - The Conversation:  Poems From A Rooftop is new and another fantastic album in the genre of "IDM artist releases beautiul record of electronic jazz ambience sound works".  Namely, my favourite genre ever.  Highly recommended.

Dose - Is That You:  The big shiny vocal samples would make even Fat Boy Slim blush, but it the good vibes overpower on this, my favourite track off the new album When We Were High.

Francis - Traktor:  Fits nicely in that wide open field of pop between Grizzly Bear and Phoenix.

Fucked Up - The Other Shoe:  Did you know that Canada wins at everything?  David Comes To Life was released last year just to remind everyone that our #1 export is awesomeness.

Kinny - Suffocate
Kinny - Up/Side/Down:  Soul, RnB, hiphop and traditional downtempo production come together on the new album Can't Kill A Dame With Soul.  Recommended.

Lucky Paul - Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix):  The clicky drum machine program is downright QUAINT.  From last year's The Slow Ground EP

Miike Snow - Archipelago
Miike Snow - Pretender:  I've only heard a bit of the new Snow album but so far so good, he'll do Peter Gabriel proud yet.

Nihilist Spasm Band - Music Is Fun:  Remember when I said Canada was awesome?  For almost half a century these dudes have been making noise in London Ontario, and LO a new album!  Nothing Is Forever is almost a eulogy for themselves.  DO YOU THINK MUSIC IS FUN?  no fun no fun no fun.

Ray! - Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx):  Funky jazz breaks?  What say you Little John?

Return To Mono - Framebreaker: 

Serenades - Oceans:  I love chanter choruses.  From the album Criminal Heaven.

Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen - Seam 06:  Seam is quickly rising as one of my favourite experimental albums of the year.  Lovely textures that just make you want to nap so fucking hard.

Steve Gates - Always On My Mind ft Catherine MacLellan:  Classic.  I grew up with the Willie Nelson version, but this song is over a decade old and really doesn't get the love it demands.


Blawan - Getting Me Down
Charli xcx - Nuclear Seasons
David’s Lyre - Hidden Ground (Drugs Remix)
Dictaphone - Au Botanique
Dictaphone - The Conversation
Dose - Is That You
Francis - Traktor
Fucked Up - The Other Shoe
Kinny - Suffocate
Kinny - UpSideDown
Lucky Paul - Thought We Were Alone (Gang Colours Remix)
Miike Snow - Archipelago
Miike Snow - Pretender
Nihilist Spasm Band - Music Is Fun
Ray! - Good Thymes (Opiuo Remixx)
Return To Mono - Framebreaker
Serenades - Oceans
Steinbrüchel & Cory Allen - Seam 06
Steve Gates - Always On My Mind ft Catherine MacLellan

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  1. Re: Nihilist Spasm Band: Shurely you meant "For over half a century."